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  • DJ Khaled

    Dj Khaled’s Not So Good, Very Bad Night at EDC Vegas

    It should have been Dj Khaled’s time to get some good videos and photos for his Snapchat or Instagram. Instead, Dj Khaled, invited to perform on the last day of EDC Las Vegas this year, was booed off the stage after a set of sound issues, famous catch ph

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  • EDC Las Vegas

    EDCLV Tips – Pace Yourself!

    It’s that time of year where we all meet up under the electric sky! At this point most of us are either at a pool party, getting f*cked up in a hotel room (drinks are too pricey to be buying them on the strip) or just walking the strip being a tourist. W

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  • Protect Your Ears: A PSA

    Speaker stacks are common sights at clubs, warehouses, and festivals where eardrums are pounded with loud, pulsing electronic dance music for several hours.  It is easy to get lost in the music and not think about hearing loss, but noise induced hearing loss

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  • Tequila good for health

    Studies Say Tequila Is Good for Bone Strengthening

    Turn down for what?! It seems that science is claiming that tequila is good for us and strengthens the bones. Reports from studies by scientists at the Center for Research and Advanced Studies in Mexico claims tequila contains substances that improve the body&

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  • The Party of the Future is Here with TheWaveVR

      Visual aids in concert settings have come a long way from the days of intelligent stage lighting and smog machines. Large LED screens and over the top production entice the eyes to get lost in explosions of light, color, and well-timed images at clubs a

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