Daft Punk’s Debut Album “Homework” Celebrates 20th Anniversary

Even though Daft Punk didn’t turn out to be big until after Discovery, their very first album Homework takes up a prominent spot in the duo’s history. Homework comes prior to the robot persona of the group, which was debuted in 1999, and demonstrates a specifically rare and intimate appearance at the productions that they had been in love with at the time.

Like a lot of house music at the time, most of the songs were cut with disco samples and were placed on loops. Daft Punk managed to put a lot of their soul and character into the record. With influences from Frankie Knuckles and Juan Atkins, or Romanthony and Todd Edwards (the latter two who had been referred to in “Teachers” on the album), Homework was a stepping stone for the careers of Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo.

Songs that went big from the album are Around The World, Da Funk and Alive.

MDBP India Trailer Is Nothing Short of Hilarious

The music festival ‘Mad Decent Block Party’ is back in India with Major Lazer and DJ Dillon Francis! After the debut of MDBP in India last year, they’re all set to rock India once again. MDBP began in 2008 and has grown into a massive event touring cities worldwide.

For 2017 Diplo decided to take marketing to a whole new level with this latest video which appears to be him, Major Lazer and Dillon Francis talking with little kid voices promoting MDBP.

Todays Common Raver Stereotypes

Going to a rave is a social experiment that will open a new world to the avid people watcher. The minute you walk through the door, you will be introduced to a colorful cast of characters and encounter human beings from all walks of life. Life wouldn’t be the whimsical case study in variety that it is without stereotypes littering the premises. Let’s explore those.

*Disclaimer: This is meant to be a tongue-in-cheek, humorous piece. No one get butthurt*

kandi ravers
Photo by Alkivar

Kandi Ravers

Some animal species put effort into making themselves noticeable and attractive for mating.The kandi raver doesn’t invest time in making singles, cuffs, large perlers, and necklaces just to have their kandi noticed from several feet away or to mate with female ravers. Kandi ravers are some of the biggest proponents of plur, preferring to trade their kandi to make new friends. These will be some of the friendliest beings you will meet at a rave.

Wooks and bassheads
Photo by Najla Anthony

The Bass Head or The Wook

The bass head or wook is one of the most energetic, wildest raver types out there. They head bang and sacrifice their eardrums to the power of the speakers. You know the old saying, “Shit’s off the chain?” Well, shit’s off the rails with a bass head because they will go crazy on the rails. Bassheads sing the praises of Bassnectar and do everything in their power to soak up bass, even if it means pushing someone out of the way because loving bass translates to showing dominance. Bassheads often wear an assortment of spirit hoods and caps. The more esoteric among them, the wooks, may be confused for mystics, but wooks are fans of jam bands as well as bass music, so you will find them in polar opposite environments.


The Old School Raver

The old school person is easy to spot. He or she is one of two places: in the back in old kikwear with his or her hands folded between dancing spurts or in the front, simultaneously raging and telling you about the time he or she saw someone over ten years ago. The Old School raver always comes with a story, usually one upping yours because yours took place less than five years ago. Even though they are long winded, old school ravers are generally good natured, look out for everyone, and have a lot of insight into the scene.


The Mystic

Seen mostly at underground raves, parties, and regional burns, this fantastic creature holds the keys to enlightenment. The Mystic’s head may or may come adorned with dreads, and he or she may or may or may not have at least one article of clothing that is tie-dye. One thing is for sure. The mystic is there to spread good vibes.

Tïesto Receives Key to Las Vegas Strip and Is Also Honored Tiesto Day

This past Saturday inside the main lobby of MGM Grand, the Hakkasan Nightclub resident arrived in a red Aston Martin to be greeted by County Commissioner Steve Sisolak.

Tïesto the Dutch DJ receives the key to the Las Vegas Strip and given Tïesto day for his 48th birthday.

“I am thrilled to present Tiësto with the Key to the Las Vegas Strip. Bringing his innovative talent to the Strip in conjunction with Hakkasan Group, Tiësto has changed the face of the DJ world. Through his dedication and passion for his work, Tiësto continues to be an inspiration, not only to other DJ artists, but to all Las Vegas performers.”

– Sisolak

Having Tiesto as a major part of the music scene on the strip has done a lot for the Las Vegas economy and he sure deserves to be honored for it.

Skrillex Surprises Fans with New ‘From First To Last’ Single

In a surprising move, Skrillex, Released a new song with his old band on his 29th birthday, the group’s new single is called Make War. The track was released totally random, with no marketing behind the single leading up to its release. This has been something many have been waiting for. How long? about 10 years!

Listen to the new single here:

From First To Last – Make War

Top 13 Salaries of EDM Producers

Musicians are making a lot of money. Who are the ones who are ruling the music industry these days? They are none other than EDM artists. Carting to the people’s tastes and playing the right kind and frequency of music require talent and this is the job of music producers. For this, they are paid well and are in high demand nowadays, whether it is clubs, parties, or festivals, etc. Some of these digitally equipped artists are incredibly hard working and have raked in more cash from their mixing gigs than most people could have dreamed of earning in their entire lives. This proves that music is more important than ever and nobody can stop people from paying for a good music event. Many DJs have not only made music, but they have also made themselves millionaires too.

Here are the following 2016 Salaries:

  1. Carl Cox: $96 Million
  2. Calvin Harris:  $63 Million
  3. Tiesto: $38 Million
  4. Armin Van Buuren: $31 Million
  5. David Guetta: $28 Million
  6. Zedd: $24.5 Million
  7. Steve Aoki:  $23.5 Million
  8. Skrillex: $20 Million
  9. Kaskade: $19 Million
  10. Diplo: $18 Million
  11. Martin Garrix: $16 Million
  12. Afrojack: $15 Million
  13. Avicii:  $14.5 Million

15 Facts You Didn’t Know about EDC

  • EDC has added 1.4 billion dollars to the Las Vegas economy in the past 6 years
  • The first EDC was held August 29, 1997 in Los Angeles
  • The last EDC in Los Angeles was held June 25th & 26th 2010 before its move to Las Vegas in June of 2011
  • Other past and current EDC locations include: New York, Chicago, Orlando, Aurora, Dallas, Puerto Rico, Brazil, UK, India, Japan, Brazil and Mexico
  • EDCLV is 66% of Las Vegas population which is 603k (Not including the full metropolitan area)
  • Bassnectar’s first EDC was in 2006 (This one is for my bass heads)
  • Only 15 Minutes of Fireworks are set off throughout the whole event (3 days)
  • The wifi signal is strongest at Carnival Square (EDCLV)
  • It takes 22.5 megawatts of energy to power EDCLV… that’s enough energy for 14,625 homes
  • Las Vegas has the only version of EDC that’s held from dusk to dawn

  • EDC Transitioned from a one-day festival to a two-day festival in 2009. It grew again to three days once the festival moved to Las Vegas in 2011
  • The EDC stages we love got their names in 2005 (Kinetic Field, Neon Garden, Circuit Grounds, Cosmic Meadow, BassPod)
  • Kaskade and Ferry Corsten’s first EDC was in 2005
  • EDC tickets in 1997 only cost $20
  • EDC was the first Music Festival in North America to host the European hardstyle powerhouse Q-dance

Middlelands Lineup Has Been Announced

The first Middlelands music and camping festival, located on the Texas Renaissance Festival Fair Grounds, announced their lineup that looks too good to miss.

The Medieval-themed music festival is set for May 5-7 in Todd Mission, TX.

Attendees will have 10 camping options and will be able to join together in color-coded kingdoms for daily events, including tug-o-war, mazes, volleyball and human balloon war.



The Masked Men of EDM

EDM has become synonymous with stage actors that jump around, asking you multiple times during the night if you’re ready to party. They demand that you lift your hands in the air and request that you make more noise than your strained voice is capable of. These stage actors want to be front, and center, ready for epic photo captures of themselves fist pumping and standing on the table with their decks so they can throw it up on their social media accounts. Then there are the artists who place themselves behind masks and let their music do the strutting for them. Below is a list of some artists in the world of electronic dance music that have made a living while obscuring their faces.


Daft Punk

Daft PunkGuy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter are two Parisians that have been spreading their funky French house influence for the last few decades. Known by their stage name, Daft Punk, the French duo is rarely seen without their signature helmets.  Daft Punk has a history of making timeless tracks, such as “Da Funk,” “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger,” “Around the World,” “Superheroes,” and “Get Lucky.” It’s never mattered much if they keep the helmets on or not, so long as the funk keeps flowing.


SpacesSpaces, an Australian producer regularly featured on Youtube channels Trap Nation and Mr. Suicide Sheep, makes melodic bass music, chill trap, and future bass. Spaces can often be seen playing behind a mask that lights up. Instead of relying on the mask to build his notoriety, Spaces keeps busy in the studio producing. You’ll want to keep an eye out on this upcoming producer from Sydney.


What makes the wheels of the mind encased in a brain that is protected by a head covered by a red mask? You would need to ask Sebastian Kramer, also known as Redshape, that question. Born in East Germany, Redshape has placed his impression on electronic dance music and carried his Detroit techno influences into his work.



Angerfist, who came into being in 2001, is as relentless as his music. The Dutchman is well known for his hardcore productions and DJ sets. Not shy of the stage, he’s performed at massive events such as Defqon. 1 and Masters of Hardcore, wearing a mask in the likeness of horror legend Jason’s.


Anklepants is one of this century’s most daring, creative performers. Listeners either find themselves in two camps: those who revere his creativity and those who revile upon witnessing one of the more odd spectacles in electronic music. Anklepants turns electronic music on its face — literally. Anklepants has spent time working in the field of special effects, prosthetics, and animatronics. This expertise is seen in his signature mask that comes equipped with an animatronic penis that spits liquid at the audience. The mask also works in tune with a custom microphone called the ‘facé_control_wün that can modulate a voice, manipulate samples, and loop multiple voice tracks.

Tomorrowland Announces The Official Theme For 2017!

Tomorrowland which is one of the biggest electronic music festivals in the world and which will be taking place for two weekends this July ( 21st- 23rd & 28th – 30th) has announced their new theme“Amicorum Spectaculum” for their 2017 edition.

With this cool classic carnival theme, we can’t wait to see how this turns out. Tomorrowland is known for having awesome themed festivals that capture the eye of festival attendees making them feel like they’re in another world.

Pre-registration for tickets have already started so don’t miss out!


Tomorrowland 2017 Theme
Tomorrowland 2017 Theme