The next rising talent in the bass music community has finally made his way to the Buygore Records ​team with in their upcoming three-track venture. Following his recent single “Ryu” off the March 2018 Fresh Blood Vol. 4 compilation via the Buygore imprint Fresh Blood​, the Colorado-based DJ/producer has built a name for himself by the epithet Stabby, as he recently dropped his latest Blade EP.


Solidifying his structural approach in music production, Stabby’s ‘Blade’ EP, this bodywork of bass music highlights melodic preludes, synth-laden
essentials, and slamming basslines from start to finish. Kicking off with “First Duel”, Stabby wastes no time and delivers an extreme dose of razor-sharp, deafening bass and drumwork. Leading into “Musket”, the ‘Blade’ EP takes a dive into the choppy climax with ravenous rhythms and punchy beats. Last but not least on the epic concluding track “Permadeath”, Stabby enlists the aid of Harvey Thompson as the only featured collaboration, a
UK-based dubstep producer under the moniker Chime ​who has recently burst into the bass music community. Set to be released on May 4th, Buygore Records is excited to welcome a new face to the family.

Known best for his deep and primal percussion, “stabby” basslines, and ever-evolving, razor sharp sound, rising British producer Dean Cawley (also known as Stabby) has been making colossal moves during his short time in the limelight.

Since commencing his journey through the fibers of electronic music five years ago at the impressively young age of 17, Stabby has employed his lifelong love of rock music alongside a vast array of other genres to concoct a distinct musical style. Boasting a perfect blend of head-bobbing grooves and potent sounds that fuse the most personally inspiring and deeply
engaging elements from blues, synth-pop and post-hardcore, Stabby’s music constantly aims to create an entirely unique, jarring and bass heavy experience that is equally visceral and unforgettable.


Originating back in 2014, the Fresh Blood ​imprint behind the Buygore
Records ​team has risen to prominence over the past few years. The electronic music hub, lead by one of dance music greatests Borgore​, ​is getting ready for a major milestone as we countdown to the 100th release. With a very special 100-minute mix by the label head himself, Asaf Borger.

The 100-minute mix from Borgore comprises some of the most
successful Fresh Blood releases as well as some of Borgore’s personal
favorites. Fresh Blood 100 is a small representation of the dynamic
collection of electronic artists the imprint has added to their eclectic roster; with hand-picked selections ranging from Fresh Blood Vol. 2 all the way through to the most recent compilation, the Fresh Blood 100 Mix highlights the stylistic evolution of the imprint and illustrates a vivid journey from the very beginning to what the sub-label plans on accomplishing next. Out on April 30th, Borgore’s special 100-minute mix will mark the 100th release milestone of the imprint Fresh Blood.

01 Faytal – Apocalypse
02 Jameston Thieves x Holly – Sailing the Sea of Consequence
03 UZZI – Nacho Cheese
04 Subject 31 – Woke
05 Mantis x Helicopter Showdown – Hellwalker
06 Heckler – Megalink
07 Holly – Web Friendship (featuring Frost)
08 Bukez Finezt & Badphaze – Tyrannosaurus Bitch
09 Yakz – Yaktivate
10 Algo & Curro – Fuse
11 Al Ross & He$h – Tex Mex
12 Algo – Monarch
13 BloodThinnerz – Ressurect
14 London Nebel – Walla Milli Dolla
15 Point.Blank – Run The Riddim
16 Yakz – The Music
17 Yakz – Stay Drippy
18 YDG – Warlords
19 YDG – 1234
20 UZZI – Back Off
21 UZZI – Finesse
22 Helicopter Showdown & Yakz – Juoki
23 XaeboR – Defiant (VIP)
24 Algo – Void
25 BloodThinnerz – Wicked Sound
26 Yakz – Access Key
27 Aweminus x Definitive – Quasar
28 Subject 31 – Bipolar
29 Bukez Finezt – The Wonkmaster
30 AnswerD – Stria Terminalis
31 Haunta – Like This
32 Kadaver – Deathstep
33 AnswerD & Aweminus – Zyklon E
34 XaeboR – Proper
35 Blankface & Decimate – Whiplash
36 Point.Blank & Definitive – Let’s Get It
37 Faytal – Fear Me
38 Diskirz – Self Destruct
39 Somnium Sound – Repulsive
40 Somnium Sound – Fate and Fortune
41 AnswerD – ID
42 Dack Janiels – Retro Riddim Rampage
43 Somnium Sound – On That
44 Stabby – Ryu
45 Code: Pandorum – Punish
46 Dack Janiels – Planet Terror
47 Point.Blank
48 Zblu – Rockstarz
49 Svgmaze Coffin Bomb


Currently one of the leading bass music acts within the electronic dance music soundscape, Gentlemens Club ​returns to Buygore Records ​with a two-track ‘Want U’ EP on April 27th. The trio is consistently pumping out instant classics with their ‘Want U’ EP approaching on the horizon.

Following their recent collaboration “Freak” with label head Borgore ​off the ‘5 Weeks of Gore’ series, the dubstep triad is back and brings a whole new sound to the table. The original mix of “Want U” displays Gentlemens Club signature flair of striking grooves and carefree waves of slamming basslines, while their ‘Upgrade Remix’ illustrates a drum n bass recreation.
Breathing new life into the original mix, this remix is a fiery collection of playful drums, string-plucked chords, and heavy UK bass music influences. Out on April 27th, the forthcoming Gentlemens Club ‘Want U’ EP is set to be a dance floor killer.

Ever since the Gentlemens Club formed in 2013, the UK-based trio have proved unstoppable, breathing new life into the global dubstep and bass scene with edgy hip-hop and grime influenced bangers.
Respectively Coffi (Lewis Pittham), Soloman (Saul Mountford) & 50 Carrot (Amani Haskins) developed their own unique low-end heavy styles, now fused together under the household name–Gentlemen’s Club. Their influence spans several successful years of international tours, viral VIP’s and massive remixes. Building on the collective’s widespread appeal, they’ve steadily built their empire in the form of a GC imprint and sought after apparel line. Poised to take over the world, you won’t find another more dedicated bass squad with their unforgettably hyped live sets and heavyweight barrier breaking beats. Get a dose of pure class and make sure to catch them at an event near you.