3 Common Stereotypes DJs Face

DJ Stereotypes

We all might have heard the saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover, ” but in reality, it’s a part of our daily life. Every day someone gets judged because of assumptions that are not entirely accurate, which over the time eventually lead to stereotypes. Stereotyping can be seen in many different ways. As being part of the rave community, I know this way too well. But today we are going to talk about The typical stereotypes DJ’s face.

  1. DJ’s Aren’t Real Musicians

This is another misconception that needs to be put to bed because DJing is not just pressing a button. In fact, as a DJ you need to have the fundamental knowledge of BPM (beats per minute) for beat matching and various music styles. In short, a DJ is the compendium of music.2. As a DJ you need to be technologically savvy.

2. DJ’s Aren’t Technologically Savvy 

As a matter of fact, DJs are very savvy when it comes to technology just because of their industry standards, which require music programs that update pretty often. It would be hard to keep up if they are not technologically up to date with new music software’s, CDJ’s and so on.

3. Being DJ Is a Man’s Game

This is the most common stereotype that not only pertain to the DJ industry, but this gender discrimination has been deep rooted from Wall Street in NY to Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo. There aren’t many female artists that have made it to the top in the industry, but we have to stop this gender discrimination just because she happens to be a girl.




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