The Masked Men of EDM

Daft Punk
EDM has become synonymous with stage actors that jump around, asking you multiple times during the night if you’re ready to party. They demand that you lift your hands in the air and request that you make more noise than your strained voice is capable of. These stage actors want to be front, and center, ready for epic photo captures of themselves fist pumping and standing on the table with their decks so they can throw it up on their social media accounts. Then there are the artists who place themselves behind masks and let their music do the strutting for them. Below is a list of some artists in the world of electronic dance music that have made a living while obscuring their faces.   Daft Punk Daft PunkGuy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter are two Parisians that have been spreading their funky French house influence for the last few decades. Known by their stage name, Daft Punk, the French duo is rarely seen without their signature helmets.  Daft Punk has a history of making timeless tracks, such as “Da Funk,” “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger,” “Around the World,” “Superheroes,” and “Get Lucky.” It’s never mattered much if they keep the helmets on or not, so long as the funk keeps flowing. Spaces SpacesSpaces, an Australian producer regularly featured on Youtube channels Trap Nation and Mr. Suicide Sheep, makes melodic bass music, chill trap, and future bass. Spaces can often be seen playing behind a mask that lights up. Instead of relying on the mask to build his notoriety, Spaces keeps busy in the studio producing. You’ll want to keep an eye out on this upcoming producer from Sydney. Redshape Redshape What makes the wheels of the mind encased in a brain that is protected by a head covered by a red mask? You would need to ask Sebastian Kramer, also known as Redshape, that question. Born in East Germany, Redshape has placed his impression on electronic dance music and carried his Detroit techno influences into his work.   Angerfist Angerfist Angerfist, who came into being in 2001, is as relentless as his music. The Dutchman is well known for his hardcore productions and DJ sets. Not shy of the stage, he’s performed at massive events such as Defqon. 1 and Masters of Hardcore, wearing a mask in the likeness of horror legend Jason’s. Anklepants Anklepants Anklepants is one of this century’s most daring, creative performers. Listeners either find themselves in two camps: those who revere his creativity and those who revile upon witnessing one of the more odd spectacles in electronic music. Anklepants turns electronic music on its face — literally. Anklepants has spent time working in the field of special effects, prosthetics, and animatronics. This expertise is seen in his signature mask that comes equipped with an animatronic penis that spits liquid at the audience. The mask also works in tune with a custom microphone called the ‘facé_control_wün that can modulate a voice, manipulate samples, and loop multiple voice tracks.

Author: Shannon Demny

Shannon was born and raised in Houston, Texas, where she continues to reside and participate in the local dance music scene. She was first introduced to edm in high school when she heard Fatboy Slim's "Praise You" come on the radio. Thereafter began her love affair with electronic dance music. Shannon spends her days juggling kids, collecting music, and typing articles. Unapologetically positive, Shannon strives every day to fill her life with music, love, and positive vibes.

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