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How “Others” View EDM and the Rave Scene

Let me start by saying I know many ravers that have their priorities straight and have lives outside the rave scene including myself. I’ve met many individuals at music festivals who have great professions and also work hard at what they do. These people also enjoy partying even more on weekends. We all have that inner party animal inside of us as I always like to refer it to my cousin who is still trying to figure out what EDM means to me and why I always go to these EDM events. According to my cousin, “I should grow up and focus on more important things in life.”

I feel part of my cousin’s view and many others who don’t understand EDM and raving associate it with doing drugs. What led people to think that all we like to do is get together, listen to music, dance, talk and do drugs? This isn’t Burning Man we’re talking about here! The media would have us believe that all ravers go to festivals to do drugs, but that is simply not true because not all ravers do drugs! There are many ravers out there that go to events sober and primarily go to express their love for music through dancing. I’ve told my cousin to try it before knocking it knowing that I’d get him to understand if he saw it for himself vs. me attempting to explain it to him.

Local shows are great where I get to see my favorite DJ in a more chill environment, but I’d rather take my cousin to a music festival. I feel there would be more to show and the first impression would be a great one. I still believe PLUR exists and that there are no strangers, only friends that you have not yet met. I remember my first festival, but I was also young too, and more open-minded toward things. I’ve mentioned that the main idea would be to go for the music, vibes, and even network with others. I know I won’t be able to avoid him seeing people doing drugs, half naked girls that give you the impression that they are easy (which they are not), or the hardcore raver who goes all out on an outfit that just fits the typical raver stereotypes circulating today’s EDM scene. All in all the positive experience would outweigh the negatives and may change how one views the EDM Scene.

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