Pasquale Rotella Teases EDCLV 2017 Kinetic Field Stage

EDC is back at it again with the teasing that comes months before the music festival. This time the big tease has to do with the main stage Kinetic Field or should I say, Kinetic Gaia. As of now, there’s no blueprint showing what the stage will look like but a storyline describing it. It seems that the stage will represent the owl community together with all the great memories that were made at EDC. Below is the story straight out of Pasquale Rotella’s Snapchat. “SINCE THE ANCIENT TIMES SHE IS THERE FOR WISDOM, CARE OR A PROPHECY SHE IS LIKE THE ORACLE THAT KNOWS EVERYTHING OF THE OWL COMMUNITY THE TRUTH LAYS IN HER EYES & WISDOM IN HER WORDS. “The great Kinetic Hall is the place where the owl community gathers to share their visions and dreams. This is the place where they can escape everyday life and share stories with other members of the owl community. In the middle there is the statue of Kinetic Gaia. The statue holds 4 compasses to locate and connect with owl communities from every part of the world. The two owls guards closing both sides of the stage, are proud and with their heads high up in the air protect the statue of Kinetic Gaia.”

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