The Party of the Future is Here with TheWaveVR


Visual aids in concert settings have come a long way from the days of intelligent stage lighting and smog machines. Large LED screens and over the top production entice the eyes to get lost in explosions of light, color, and well-timed images at clubs and music festivals. Now, co-founders Adam Arrigo and Aaron Lemeke want to immerse you in a virtual world that tests the senses.

TheWaveVR is the founders’ response to a growing demand for more creative engagement with music fans. The WaveVR is an unparalleled musical experience, allowing people to talk, high five, and interact with the music on a scale not seen before. Environments shift, shape, light up, and evolve before the user’s eyes. If the WaveVR was just a platform for spectators, then there wouldn’t be much to distinguish it from competing platforms, but what makes TheWaveVr a trendsetter is that it allows performers to create their own concerts.

Performers can sign up to mix live on their own customized stage and tweek their audience’s experience. These shows, called “Wave shows” include a set of virtual Dj tools for performers that want to entertain a crowd.  Currently, the WaveVr is available an Early Access Game on Steam and is free to download. The full version is expected at the end of 2017 and the developers promise a bigger suite of tools for “artists to create shows with and new ways for fans to experience those shows.”

TheWaveVR software requires the use of an HTC Vive, 8 MB of Ram, 600 MB of available space, an i5 processor, and graphics set at 970 or higher. Some Steam users reported that the software would occasionally lag and crash, but the response has mostly been positive, with people applauding the ability to jam with friends, make new friends, drink potions to be transported into different visual dimensions, and play with toys to enhance the VR experience. Check out one user’s experience below.



To get an idea of what a live set looks like in TheWave, watch Grimecraft’s live set.


Find out more at  Download TheWaveVr at


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