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The Popular EDM Sub-Genres

Humankind and its relation with music is a nutrient to our body, we cannot live without it. The relationship with music goes way back, as far as we can define ourselves. But now, for the time being, we are going to stick to this new and modern music art form “EDM” which has evolved much faster and gained popularity at an astonishing rate.

The term “EDM” has been bugging a lot of us for a while now. The world really needs to know that EDM is much more than a big name DJ playing on the Ultra main stage. We are now going to dive straight in and going to talk about the popular sub-genres in EDM.

TRAP: Trap is one of the most popular sub-genres as the majority of EDM lovers enjoy listening to it. Categorized by its Hip-Hop influence and sound almost synonymous with rap, has been dominating dance floors throughout the world when producers added rhythmic drops, rap vocals, and 808 bass sound to create such monster sound.

Dubstep:  Dubstep is second on the list of popular sub-genres of EDM. Dubstep is known to be tightly coiled with overwhelming bass lines and reverberant drum patterns, occasional vocals, and clipped samples.  There have been debates about Dubstep being dead but “Skrillex” revolutionized this somewhat new sub-genre and came all the way to the top simply by making people listen to the tracks by reinventing the style. To settle this argument of Dubstep being dead, we simply need to look at the fact that its second most popular after Trap. Notable sub-genre under Dubstep are Brostep, Luvstep, and thugstep.

House:  Third in the list goes to House. It is truly an American, as it grew in Chicago in 1980s. It is considered to be the most “Human” sounding music of all genres and because of its catchy tunes, is mostly used in top 20 mixes. Notable sub-genres are deep house, progressive house,  tech house, electro house and tribal house.

Trance: What else Germans gave to the world apart from cars and heavy machinery? It’s trance music. Born in the 1990s in Germany, Trance has become very popular. It is usually known for repetitiously build up and breaking down huge melodies.  It has always been popular since its inception, but in its native land, it’s entirely a different beast.  Notable sub-genres are vocal trance, tech trance, progressive trance.

Drum & Bass: Drum & Bass is one of the most intense, misunderstood sounds within EDM. Its seeds were sown in London but now have branches all over. It has been said that there is nothing more flexible and artistic than Drum & Bass. Pendulum, Noisia, Sub-Focus are popular artists that have made it to the top under this genre. Notable Subgenres are Drumstep, Liquid funk, Neurofunk.

The other sub-genres on the list include Progressive followed by electro rock, industrial, downtempo and the list is never ending. The most important thing to keep in mind is that since there are so many sub-genres within EDM that many of them are emerging and evolving each day. Having said that, we decide who we are, what we like and what we listen to, as our taste in music keeps on changing.

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