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The Pros of Going to a Music Festival Alone

Music festivals are a huge undertaking. Most festival goers like traveling in a group. The idea of being one among thousands, possibly tens of thousands of people, can seem daunting, but there are benefits to doing it alone.

Doing what you want!

One of the biggest advantages of going solo is that you do not have to plan around others’ schedules. There is no need to split your time between sets or miss a DJ because your friends want to be elsewhere. If you want to arrive late to or leave early from an event, you can do that without worrying about what someone else wants to do.

You are more likely to meet new people

It’s too easy to stay in your comfort zone when you come to a music festival with a group of friends. If you come to a music festival on your own, you become more open to meeting new people. You aren’t beholden to one group. More often than not, one or more people from your group wander off, and you end up around strangers anyhow. Why not liberate yourself from a group and make an entirely new group of friends?

Spend less time waiting for female group members to use the bathroom

No matter what music festival you attend, you will wait for a female friend to do her bathroom business. Women just take longer. It’s a fact of life. Men are lucky. They can whip it out and pretty much be done. If the stall is a mess, no big deal. It can be a challenge to use the restroom at a festival when you are a woman due to bathroom facilities going to shit within the first few hours of a festival. If you don’t care to miss the opening of a DJ’s set from waiting for your female friend to get out of line and get out of whatever bathroom space, she has to enter, go to a festival alone.

Cease worrying about finding where your group is

It’s inevitable. One or more of your group will wander off or get stuck at a stage, leaving you to burn up your cell phone battery trying to message them if you want to connect up with them or vice versa. Totems, flags, and festival site landmarks allow for people to gather together but it is liberating to not chase after friends and collect everyone at the end of the night.

Going solo to a festival may leave you feeling overwhelmed at first since you don’t have your usual crew to hang with, but if you’re open to new experiences, you may find making new connections easier than expected. Pack your bags and try the solo festival life. You never know what will happen.

Shannon was born and raised in Houston, Texas, where she continues to reside and participate in the local dance music scene. She was first introduced to edm in high school when she heard Fatboy Slim's "Praise You" come on the radio. Thereafter began her love affair with electronic dance music. Shannon spends her days juggling kids, collecting music, and typing articles. Unapologetically positive, Shannon strives every day to fill her life with music, love, and positive vibes.
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