Okeechobee Music Festival

The Three P’s of Festival Camping

There are 3 Ps to Festival Camping that will reduce headaches and get you on your way to enjoying the festival faster. With these tips, you can create good memories instead of creating problems.


Visit the festival’s website for campsite guidelines. This will help you pack more efficiently and save you the trouble of not being SOL (shit outta luck) at the most inconvenient times. Cell phone service may not be the best is it ever?) and you will need a way to communicate, so a walkie talkie is a practical item to possess. Other items to bring include flashlights, multi-use tools, portable cell phone chargers, lighters (turn at least one into a necklace so you don’t lose it), battery powered string lights or tapestries to identify your campsite, earplugs (to protect your ears and to also help you sleep), and extra tent stakes. Speaking of stakes, you may want to consider getting plastic utility stakes versus sticking with the aluminum hook stakes that come with most tents. Get a plastic mallet for the plastic stakes.

One thing you can never have enough of is water. Hydration is important for overall well-being and safety at festivals, especially during the summer. A camelback is a good alternative to a water bottle. Just make sure yours is allowed. Next on the list for must-have items are toilet paper and baby wipes. Like water, you can never have too much of either. Toilet paper is in short supply not long after everyone begins to arrive. Don’t underestimate your personal bathroom needs. Baby wipes are essential to staying fresh and wiping down the grime.

If food is provided, you still will want to carry snacks to sustain you such as granola bars, nuts, and bananas. Instant oatmeal can make for a quick, but fiber-rich breakfast or snack for you. Tortillas, bacon, eggs, rice and frozen veggies can be bought relatively cheap.

Bonnaroo camping
Photo of Bonnaroo by Jason Anfinsen

Protect Yourself from The Elements

Emergency rain ponchos are an essential item of clothing in the event Mother Nature wants to follow the advice of Krewella’s debut studio album title and get wet. Walmart has emergency rain ponchos for less than a dollar. You will need to look for them in the car accessories section. Don’t get soaked. Party dry. If you are exposed to a lot of sun where you are camping, consider wearing lightweight, long sleeved shirts to protect from the sun and also against bugs. Hats and sunglasses are also great guardians against sunburn.

Music Festival Campers
Photo By Yves6

Picking Up After Yourself

After you pack up your belongings and drive off into the sunset or sunrise depending on how long you have stayed, there are workers who must clean up after festival patrons. Help them out and respect the camping grounds by not only picking up after yourself but others. Trash bags are a great item to bring. Leave no trace. Happy camping.

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