Wooks and bassheads

Todays Common Raver Stereotypes

Going to a rave is a social experiment that will open a new world to the avid people watcher. The minute you walk through the door, you will be introduced to a colorful cast of characters and encounter human beings from all walks of life. Life wouldn’t be the whimsical case study in variety that it is without stereotypes littering the premises. Let’s explore those.

*Disclaimer: This is meant to be a tongue-in-cheek, humorous piece. No one get butthurt*

kandi ravers
Photo by Alkivar

Kandi Ravers

Some animal species put effort into making themselves noticeable and attractive for mating.The kandi raver doesn’t invest time in making singles, cuffs, large perlers, and necklaces just to have their kandi noticed from several feet away or to mate with female ravers. Kandi ravers are some of the biggest proponents of plur, preferring to trade their kandi to make new friends. These will be some of the friendliest beings you will meet at a rave.

Wooks and bassheads
Photo by Najla Anthony

The Bass Head or The Wook

The bass head or wook is one of the most energetic, wildest raver types out there. They head bang and sacrifice their eardrums to the power of the speakers. You know the old saying, “Shit’s off the chain?” Well, shit’s off the rails with a bass head because they will go crazy on the rails. Bassheads sing the praises of Bassnectar and do everything in their power to soak up bass, even if it means pushing someone out of the way because loving bass translates to showing dominance. Bassheads often wear an assortment of spirit hoods and caps. The more esoteric among them, the wooks, may be confused for mystics, but wooks are fans of jam bands as well as bass music, so you will find them in polar opposite environments.


The Old School Raver

The old school person is easy to spot. He or she is one of two places: in the back in old kikwear with his or her hands folded between dancing spurts or in the front, simultaneously raging and telling you about the time he or she saw someone over ten years ago. The Old School raver always comes with a story, usually one upping yours because yours took place less than five years ago. Even though they are long winded, old school ravers are generally good natured, look out for everyone, and have a lot of insight into the scene.


The Mystic

Seen mostly at underground raves, parties, and regional burns, this fantastic creature holds the keys to enlightenment. The Mystic’s head may or may come adorned with dreads, and he or she may or may or may not have at least one article of clothing that is tie-dye. One thing is for sure. The mystic is there to spread good vibes.

Shannon was born and raised in Houston, Texas, where she continues to reside and participate in the local dance music scene. She was first introduced to edm in high school when she heard Fatboy Slim's "Praise You" come on the radio. Thereafter began her love affair with electronic dance music. Shannon spends her days juggling kids, collecting music, and typing articles. Unapologetically positive, Shannon strives every day to fill her life with music, love, and positive vibes.

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