Top 13 Salaries of EDM Producers

Carl Cox

Musicians are making a lot of money. Who are the ones who are ruling the music industry these days? They are none other than EDM artists. Carting to the people’s tastes and playing the right kind and frequency of music require talent and this is the job of music producers. For this, they are paid well and are in high demand nowadays, whether it is clubs, parties, or festivals, etc. Some of these digitally equipped artists are incredibly hard working and have raked in more cash from their mixing gigs than most people could have dreamed of earning in their entire lives. This proves that music is more important than ever and nobody can stop people from paying for a good music event. Many DJs have not only made music, but they have also made themselves millionaires too.

Here are the following 2016 Salaries:

  1. Carl Cox: $96 Million
  2. Calvin Harris:  $63 Million
  3. Tiesto: $38 Million
  4. Armin Van Buuren: $31 Million
  5. David Guetta: $28 Million
  6. Zedd: $24.5 Million
  7. Steve Aoki:  $23.5 Million
  8. Skrillex: $20 Million
  9. Kaskade: $19 Million
  10. Diplo: $18 Million
  11. Martin Garrix: $16 Million
  12. Afrojack: $15 Million
  13. Avicii:  $14.5 Million

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