WARNING: Pink Teddy Bear Ecstasy Pills

Here’s another pill warning coming out of Europe…. We all know the stuff that comes out of Europe is no joke. There have been ecstasy pills that contain 300mg or more of MDMA. Reports from BBC and other outlets have confirmed that a few teens had to be rushed to the hospital after taking these Pink Teddy Bears.

With festival season upon us, this is just a reminder to be careful. Drugs will always be a part of the rave community, and all we can do to save lives is to educate one another. Throughout the year new pills will be put out and bought by vets and first timers. Test you stash and research what you’re about to take . A well-trusted source to start with is Pill Report.

Grandma Sentenced for Trying to Smuggle 155,168 Ecstasy Pills Into the US

Talk about a scene out of a movie! Canadian grandma Tina Howe has been sentenced to 6.5 years for trying to smuggle 155,168 ecstasy pills across the US border. After being released on bail back in 2007 Tina Howe went into hiding back in British Colombia until she was recently found by Canadian officials and extradited back to the US.

This originally took place back on June 23, 2007, at the Sumas border crossing when a hidden roof compartment in the Dodge minivan containing the ecstasy pills busted open and caused all the pills to scatter all over the freeway. According to the state trooper on the scene saw “a pink and blue haze of dust from traffic smashing the pills,” according to the Vancouver Sun.

The grandma made these trips across the border to save her son from being killed by drug traffickers in British Colombia that he owed money to. She had made two previous trips before getting caught.