Interview: EDDIE Drops “Numb” On mau5trap

After kicking off the re brand of “EDDIE” via the creation of the robot skull, named “Lawton”…EDDIE released 2 free download tracks independently via soundcloud, both within the same month, January 2017. A very
unique choice of electro. Shortly after, he was approached by mau5trap and asked to debut on the label via their “we are friend’s volume 6” compilation (WAF006) with his track ‘No Time’ in March 2017. The track was a hot favorite on the compilation, leaving a welcoming, positive reaction from the mau5trap horde fan base. Only 3 short months after and he debuts his first EP named “Pipe Dream” which includes another horde favorite ‘Healing’ the Ep charted top 10 in the electro house section on beatport top 100.
Since then EDDIE’s featured on mau5trap another 3 times. One being WAF007 another being his 2nd EP named “Bad Habits” which was seen in the top 15 in the electronic iTunes charts US…..and his latest remix of fellow mau5trap buddy, BlackGummy.

We were lucky enough to chat with EDDIE about his latest release and some new upcoming projects.

  1. Tell us a little about yourself how you started off as a DJ/producer? 

When I was about 14 a few of my class mates showed me a local artist who was just beginning to blow up with a genre called “ Melbourne bounce.” From that moment I was just absolutely intrigued and wanted to know more, I didn’t even want to learn to produce yet until that same year I went to my first ever festival (underage festival) and looking back now it was such an incredible line-up: Avicii, Skrillex, deadmau5, Dada Life and more….but yeah straight after seeing these acts and experiencing all this electronic dance music live…I remember coming home with the biggest smile on my face because it was the most incredible experience and right there I had the thought of ‘what it would be like learning how to produce’ but I talked myself out of it thinking I wasn’t smart enough or I’d fail miserably because it just seemed so hard. Skipping forward A year and a half later, still a massive fan of electronic music and making mashups on virtual DJ [lol] I eventually asked a friend of mine if he could show me how to use the program that he has [which was FL studio9].

I got FL and had the basics down, watched a heap of tutorials and spent a solid 4 hours or so a day just messing about.

At about the age of 17/18 i started to take it more seriously and thought maybe I could actually make some sort of career out of this and that’s pretty much the start.

      1. Who are some of your biggest musical influences, someone you look up to?
        Oooh there’s so many but I’ll be keeping it short and say that the heavy influencers would have to be: Heatbeat, Mirwais, Eric Prydz [& all his alias’s], Avicii, Gesaffelstein and of course mr deadmau5.

      1. What do you normally do when you come across a creative block while producing music? 
        • I mean if I hit an obvious block and notice myself forcing productions then I just game a whole lot and not produce for like at least 5 days straight and I always have a Harry Potter marathon during that period, that’s never failed me.. my lucky charm haha!
      2. You’re latest track, “Numb,” has some pretty cool hard techno beats that give off Rezz vibes, would you say she’s someone you look up to and gain inspiration from?
        • The idea behind Numb was really just to try and do something really different and the vocal is unreal so working around that vocal I naturally leant towards a darker theme. There was no inspiration for majority of the track only the second drop I tried to get a sort of Gesaffelstein vibe, but in saying that I do find Rezz very inspiring with everything she’s done in such little time, its quite amazing.. 😊

      3. What was the creative process behind “Numb” while collaborating with Q’AILA?
        • So Q’AILA sent me the demo and i loved it, I had this cool unusual vision for it and updated her with links frequently and we went back forth with our ideas/visions up until it was finished, which was very quickly actually!

You know when a track just keeps on getting better the more you work on it? And its comes together so quickly, Well that happened with “Numb!”

      1. You’re getting ready to release your ‘Spiritual Contraband’ EP, what can listeners expect from it that’s different from your previous releases? 
        • Yes I’m super excited for everyone to hear this EP!

I think listeners should expect the unexpected from me, I’m always releasing something different from my previous release… I like to have people guessing what will come next!

      1. Tell us 3 things that we don’t know about you (hobbies, fun facts, likes/dislikes, funny stories while performing). 
        • I’m a Harry Potter nerd and I have a shrine of collectables
        • I’m from Australia [ everyone thinks I’m from USA]
        • I am a big fan of sports, as is my father so I’ve been into it all since I can remember but I especially played tennis for 9 years and I somehow ended up sitting in a chair making music all day instead lmao.

Exclusive: Manse Interview

With several releases on imprints including Hardwell’s Revealed Recordings and tour performances at clubs such as Souk Singapore, Manse has grown a great fan-base with his popular tracks. Recently, he released “Where We Want To Be” on Armada, which gained him even more recognition in the industry.

We were lucky enough to catch up with Manse to get to know more about his musical background and upcoming projects.


Tell us a little about yourself and how you got into producing music? 

My name is Michael Hansen and I go under the artist name Manse. I’ve been producing for almost 9 years now, for 6 years it was only a hobby, but the past 3 years I’ve been making music and touring full time. I first got into creating music when I was in High School where a friend of mine introduced me to Acid Pro which is a sampling program, and he taught me how to make hip hop beats since he was producing that genre. At this time I went to my first 18+ rave which was Sensation White in Denmark, I saw DJs like Sebastian Ingrosso, Steve Angello, Tiga etc and I fell in love with the sound but also the creativity and challenges I was facing with creating a song and I kept making music. After just a few months I felt I wanted to create something from scratch and not just work with samples as you do in Acid Pro, so I started working in FL studio for around 2 years but then moved over to Logic Pro 8 and have been with Logic Pro since that day.


Who are some of your biggest music influences? 

When it comes to the genre I do my biggest influences have been Sebastian Ingrosso, Steve Angello, Axwell, Hardwell, Armin van Buuren, Eric Prydz, Deadmau5 for sure. I’ve been a huge fan of these guys since 2008 and I am proud to be supported by most of those names 🙂

What do you do to get the creative juices flowing when you have writers block? 

I usually try to relax and not worry about it, its a pretty common thing amongst music producers and songwriters and the worst thing to do would be to get stressed up about it.
I usually watch a Drama movie to get into a emotional state where I feel something sad, I found that this way gets me so much inspiration and this usually works if I want to make the writers block disappear.


What would you be doing if you didn’t pursue music? 

While I was making music I was studying Real Estate Management so if I wouldn’t pursue music I would work within the real estate business of some sort, less fun than travel the world and do shows and produce music haha..


You recently released, “Where We Want To Be” on Armada, can you tell us about the inspiration behind the track? 

This song was made quite a while ago honestly, I think almost 1-2 years ago. I was asked to make a song around a vocal, which is now known to be Where We Want To Be, and I initially made a deep house song, which I loved, but I felt something was missing. I then decided I wanted to incorporate more of the Manse uplifting Progressive House energy but also keep some of the deep house vibe to it. So eventually what we hear today, is a mix between the classic Manse sound with alot of Deep House vibes in it as well which makes it a cool crossover song



With the soft vocals, the track gives off a summery vibe. How is the track different from previous music you’ve created? What would you say really sets this track apart from other tracks out there? 

As I wrote in the previous question this song has more of a chill, summerish deep house vibe while from the first version this version was 10 times more calm since it was a 100% deep house song. Usually I am releasing 100% Progressive House which is very uplifting & energetic but for my past releases this year, I wanted to release something more relaxed and experimental, where this release is part of this idea and I had to be more experimental.
I think nowadays most artists focus on following trends, I’ve always been focusing on creating something I love and want to do, rather than listening what’s trending on the radio or spotify. This way I think this release is a pretty timeless song which can be played in many years and still feel like it was made yesterday which I am always aiming for and of course to touch peoples heart with beautiful vocals

Tell us 5 things we don’t know about you (fun facts, hobbies, funny stories while DJing…etc…) 

  1. When I was younger I used to dance professionally in different Swedish TV-shows and theaters. 
  2. Once I starred in a TV-show where I acted as a young boy in love with a girl where the song is pretty hilarious, search on youtube – Nicke & Nilla – Diggar Dig and you will see a young Manse appear haha

    3. There have been many accidents while DJing, but I remember one time when I was DJing for one of the first times, this was in a local bar in my hometown Stockholm back at the time when we still DJ with CDs. I already made a transition to a new song and I was proud it was so good, I was about to eject the CD of the previous song I played to start finding a new one, but since I was quite nervous I accidently pressed EJECT on the player of the song who was playing at the moment, it became quiet in the club and many people started to shout and laugh, I decided to just brush it off my shoulders and play along with the crowd, then eventually start to play a new song… super embarrassing but it was a fun story.

    4. I used to compete in Skiing since an early stage in my life until my late teenage years.5. Recently on my last show during my China tour I just bought a new hoodie with these very heavy straws, I was jumping as I usually do but little did I know was that the right side of the straw accidently hit the PLAY button on the CDJ what happens is when you press the play button while a song is playing it makes a horrible sound where it sounds like a KICKdrum is being looped very short, luckily I was in the zone so I pressed play again fast to keep the song going, but lesson of this is: Make sure that you wear the right clothes and shoes otherwise these things can happen lol…

Exclusive Interview: ATB

One of the most popular Trance producers, ATB, has been in the music industry longer than we can remember. His tracks such as “9 PM,” “You’re Not Alone,” “Killer 2000” and more, have gained popularity and is some of the most recognized tracks during sets today. We were lucky enough to catch up with ATB and find out more about his view on the EDM industry and his latest album!

  1. Tell us about yourself and how you got started as a DJ/producer?


My real name is André Tanneberger, most of you guys know me as ATB. But I was making music as Sequential One before the ATB project was born. ATB got started in 1997 when I came up with the 9PM track … in fact I was working on it one evening but I had to go out. I knew I’d hit on something special so I saved the layout and needed a working title for it. I looked up at the clock and the time was 9PM, so that’s how it happened! When the track was completed, it was so different to my Sequential One style that I decided to come up with a new name. ATB.

  1. Who are some of your musical influences?


At the start of my musical career, I would say Jean Michel Jarre and Michael Cretu from ENIGMA certainly inspired me. I loved those spherical electronic sounds, but in the early 90s i was also into hard techno. My aim was to combine the two. Today, I listen to the radio a lot but I try not to let it have too much of an influence on me. I have found my own typical ATB sound and I’m not interested in fitting in with any current trends. My fans wouldn’t take it seriously anyway if I did.

  1. You’ve been in the scene for over 20 years, how have you seen EDM evolve as a whole? Do you think it’s a good or bad change?


The electronic music scene has developed so rapidly, particularly in the USA. DJs used to be hidden somewhere on the third floor or hidden behind a wall, they weren’t really a part of pop culture. We had to practically rebuild whole stages when I was on tour back then, I wanted to be closer to the crowd, to let them feel the energy of the music and interact with them, it was kind of groundbreaking to be honest. Then boom, along came EDM, although it’s really just another name for the electronic dance music genre which was already there. Suddenly, festivals starting popping up everywhere and the scene grew and grew incredibly quickly. This gave the whole music style a real boost and dance music has become an integral part of the music scene today, both in niche genres and as one of its main foundations. It’s brilliant to see, although sadly the distance between the DJ and the crowd is often just as big at festivals now as it was in the early days of electronic music. Sometimes it’s hard to see who’s up there on stage, unless their logo is projected on massive LED screens, which is a bit of a shame. Being close to the fans and engaging with them is an extremely important part of our scene and shouldn’t be neglected.
When you think about it, every musical direction goes through changes from time to time. Sometimes for the better, sometimes not so much.

  1. What would you say sets you apart from other Trance DJs out there?



People say I’ve created a distinctive ATB sound and you can hear it in my productions (laughs). That’s a really nice compliment. It’s often described as trance, although I’ve never really thought of myself as purely a trance DJ. Anyone who has heard me play will know that I like to shift direction during a set, reading the crowd and taking them on a journey. I love beautiful melodies and trance is not the only place to find them. I’m not bothered about musical categories, either I like a piece of music or I don’t.




  1. You recently released your album, neXt,how would you describe the tracks on this album to be different from pervious tracks you’ve released?


It is my tenth studio album, hence the X in the name, the Roman numeral for ten. It took a little longer to make than some of my previous albums, but I hope the wait has been worth it! It features a great range of collaborations again, which is important to me. I have different ways of working, so some tracks start out as a layout which I send to a vocalist I like, such as Sean Ryan, or in some case I’ll start writing a song from scratch in the studio, as I did with Jan Löchel.

The sound is very much ATB, but bringing in different artists creates something new and refreshing as well. There’s a more chilled out side to ATB again, which you can find on the tracks which feature on the second CD.


  1. I feel like the album gravitates more towards a trance, pop music sound compared to your other tracks like “9PM[Till I Come],” or “My Dream.” Is this the direction you plan on going with your music?

9PM and My Dream were released roughly 18 years ago and it would be kind of sad if I hadn’t developed musically since then. I think I released a lot of tracks after 9PM with trance sounds and pop-oriented vocals. Think of songs like Let U Go, Ecstasy, What About Us, Face to Face etc. I love this combination. But I’m not setting any limits on my musical future.


  1. What’s next that fans can look forward to as far as new music or a tour?

At the moment I’m on my “neXt world tour”, but I’m planniung to get back in the studio in October and work on ideas for the next record. There was a gap of roughly three years between CONTACT and neXt and I don’t want to keep my fans waiting so long this time 😉


  1. Tell us 3 things we don’t know about you (hobbies, funny stories, fun facts, likes/dislikes…etc…)

I got my pilot’s licence years ago, but as I’m on tour so much I’ve hardly had time to make use of it. So that’s on ice for now. But I do like the flight simulator I have installed on my computer, it’s a great way to wind down and relax.

Funny stories? I  was supposed to play the opening of the Olympics in Sydney 2000, but unfortunately had to cancel as I was sick…