Lookas collaborates with Krewella for “Alarm”

Miami-based producer Lookas has been steadily teasing fans with songs from his forthcoming EP on Monstercat, Lucid, first releasing the track “Eclipse”, a bass-driven banger with dark, wonking rhythms. The second single from the EP, “Alarm” shows a lighter side to the three-track work. Teaming up with dynamic duo Krewella, Lookas embraces a more pop-style production with “Alarm”, as the tunes nostalgic guitar strums lead into a smooth drop of hi-hats and sharp pumps of bass. “Alarm” also marks Lookas’ first vocal track since releasing his four-time platinum hit “GDFR” alongside Flo Rida and Sage the Gemini back in 2015.


Lookas has been an impressive talent in the dance music world since his introduction, rising as a self-taught producer in 2013 and immediately having his remix of “Tsunami” by DVBBS and Borgeous picked up as an official remix. Having been named a Top 10 Act to Watch by Rolling Stone and a Top 10 Rising Artist by Billboard, Lookas continues to show audiences what he’s made of. Fans have yet to see all of the phenomenal tricks up Lookas’s sleeve, but each release from his EP on Monstercat, Lucid can give just a little taste on the punch he’s packing.


Chicago-bred and LA-based act Krewella are no strangers to working with Lookas or Monstercat. Lookas produced their recent single “Be There,” proving the already existing synergy among the artists, meanwhile Monstercat has been home to Krewella’s early successful single “Killin’ It” and “Superstar” with Pegboard Nerds & NGHTMRE. The duo just wrapped up their North American ‘New World’ tour, which took on nearly 30 cities by storm with support from Crankdat, Party Favor, Shaun Frank, Unlike Pluto, Wavedash and more.


Exclusive: Krewella Brings ‘New World’ Tour To Miami

Shortly after releasing their latest EP, New World Pt. 1, Krewella revealed their North American tour, named after their EP, in anticipation of New World Part 2.

one of the few places im not thinkin bout the bullsheet

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Jahan and Yasmine Yousaf admitted that this is their first “big tour” that they’ve done in over three years, and “it’s going to be a culmination of over a year of planning and creating.” The sister-duo have already made stops in cities such as Nashville, Dallas, Austin, Houston, Albuquerque, Phoenix, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, Chico, Denver, Kansas City, St Louis, Atlanta and most recently Miami.

idk should we just drop this next week or somethin? 📹: @mixedmedia

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Although the show had a last minute change from The Fillmore Miami Theater to The Ground Miami (Club Space), stage production and high-energy levels was nothing short of amazing. In fact, my neck still hurts two days later from head-banging so hard, and I’m not even mad about. On Friday night, Oct. 20th, Krewella put on a show like they’re at a festival, and got the crowd singing along their loudest to every song. From their hit singles “Alive” and “Live For The Night,” to “Broken Record” and “New World” featuring Yellow Claw, the girls performed numerous popular tracks from their first album to their last EP.


ATL KREW, are you ready for the New World Tour tonight??

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The girls came out for an encore performace of “Team” and Yasmine even rapped their Krewella rendition of “Old Kanye,” which was something that only the core Krew fans understood. Of course, it wouldn’t be complete without a chilling campaign shower from Jahan, mosh pits and sweaty hugs with the fans during their meet and greet.

Krewella also teased one of their highly-anticipated unreleased tracks, “Dead AF,” which they revealed will be dropped later this week.

shiiiiit long essay caption alert🚨 it’s been a month since we left home for the New World Tour…every day i wanna collect my thoughts & post about it but as soon as i grasp them in my brain, the words dissipate. i guess that’s the beauty of being present. every night i get to lose myself on stage in the company of so many amazing humans – many who came to let go of shit they’re hanging on to or face shit that they’ve been running from. thank u for trusting us with your time & energy. thank u for telling us about what pains you, lights you up, & gets you through the day. thank u for dancing & sweating ur fucking asses off💦 to the girl who got broken up with the morning of our Denver show & came anyways, thank u for letting me just hold you while u cried. to the dude in Seattle who was really nervous to talk but told us anyways about how we’re the reason he got into making music, i’m fucking honored & thank u. to the bro who gestured cunnilingus at me the whole set in St. Louis, my dawg u gotta learn some respect for ladies so fuk u🖕🏽& thx for coming. to all my people who have met their best friends or significant others thru our music & u come out to shows like the cute asses y’all are thank uuu👼🏻 to anyone who’s driven 2…7…even 12+ hours to see us😵 THANK YOU. thank u all so fucking much. if u can’t tell, i’m obsessed with this tour. i hope to see u all in the New World 🌎

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Click here for tickets to Krewella’s “New World” tour at a city near you!

Krewella Drops “New World”

As they get ready to kick off their New World tour, Krewella dropped their highly-anticipated track, “New World” with Yellow Claw, featuring Taylor Bennett.

Jahan and Yasmine Yousaf dropped the track today, which will be featured in their New World Part 2 EP, following the first edition. The single features a heavy middle eastern vibe in drop, staccato string elements paired with smaller brass instruments, keeping their Bollywood roots. Fans are treated to Yasmine rapping in the first half of the song, combined with the hip hop influence from Bennett. The trap track was first premiered at Tomorrowland during Krewella’s set, and the fans have been begging for its release ever since.

Krewella previously told us that this will be the first “big tour” that they’ve done in over three years, and “it’s going to be a culmination of over a year of planning and creating.” The sister-duo will be making stops all around North America in cities such as Dallas, D.C., New York, Miami, Orlando, Nashville, Toronto, and their hometown Chicago. For a full list of cities, click here.