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Grandma Sentenced for Trying to Smuggle 155,168 Ecstasy Pills Into the US

Talk about a scene out of a movie! Canadian grandma Tina Howe has been sentenced to 6.5 years for trying to smuggle 155,168 ecstasy pills across the US border. After being released on bail back in 2007 Tina Howe went into hiding back in British Colombia until she was recently found by Canadian officials and extradited back […]

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Music Festivals You Can Take Your Kids To

Music festivals are often considered adult playgrounds where festival-goers aged 18+ can immerse themselves in music and creative energy. Thankfully there are festival organizers that welcome children and recognize that appreciation of the arts need not be limited to adults. Before a ticket is purchased, read the FAQ section of the festival’s website to see […]

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Two of Europes Big Music Festivals Are Coming to Brazil

Brazil has definitely felt the effects of the EDM bubble with the loss of EDC Brazil which would have taken place earlier this month. It seems 2017 will be brighter in terms of EDM events in the south American country with 2 European festivals making their way down to the land of hot chicks and soccer. Plusnetwork who […]


Evolution of the Rave Scene

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines a rave as “a large overnight dance party featuring techno music and usually involving the taking of mind-altering drugs.” The definition is slightly outdated. Society now lumps all genres of electronic dance music under “EDM.” Drugs and alcohol are present, but when have they ever been absent from a gathering of […]

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EDM and the Money Makers That Come with It

The EDM bubble has been rumored to be on the verge of popping, but DJs that mix EDM continue to climb the ranks of celebrity and financial standing. Forbes recently made a list of some of the highest paid DJs in 2016. The highest paid among them are Avicii ($14.5 million), Afrojack ($15 million), Dimitri […]

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Overplayed EDM Tracks of 2016

It’s finally that time of year where we look back at all the awesome music festivals we attended, new favorite songs and EDM tracks that were so popular that it became annoying because they got overplayed. Here are the top 10 songs that were 2016 most overplayed song: 1. The Chainsmokers – Closer ft. Halsey […]

ecstasy pills

Music Festivals and Drugs Go Hand in Hand

The endless parade of music festivals and the growing drug culture has become part of life. There was a time when alcohol and Rock n Roll were best of friends, but now drugs and outdoor music festivals have taken these best buddies out. What exactly changed in the last decade that makes music festivals prone to […]

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Artist Turns A Cement Mixer Into A Giant Disco Ball

Not many can think of making a giant disco ball out of a cement mixer. French artist Benedetto Bufalino let his imagination run wild with this one and went through with it! The art installation called Disco Ball Cement Mixer was parked on a construction site in Lyon, France from December 8th – 10th.  Residents […]


Skrillex Officiates a Marriage Proposal Onstage

Skrillex is truly the man! King of Dubstep helped a couple get engaged at the Your Paradise festival in Fiji on Thursday. The groom-to-be, Malcolm, was invited onstage and provided a mic so he could welcome his now-financée, Jen, to the stage. She certainly went along with it—as did the crowd, who chanted her name. […]

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The Pros of Going to a Music Festival Alone

Music festivals are a huge undertaking. Most festival goers like traveling in a group. The idea of being one among thousands, possibly tens of thousands of people, can seem daunting, but there are benefits to doing it alone. Doing what you want! One of the biggest advantages of going solo is that you do not […]