Daft Punk Announce First Live Performance of 2017

Daft Punk will perform live alongside The Weeknd at the Grammy’s on Sunday 12th February. They will be playing live for the first time in three years since their last appearance at the Grammys in 2014. In 2014 they performed ‘Get Lucky’ with the help of Pharrell, Stevie

In 2014 they performed ‘Get Lucky’ with Pharrell, Stevie Wonder and Niles Rodgers.

This is the only live performance scheduled for Daft Punk so far for 2017.


Watch a video of Daft Punk rehearsing for their previous Grammy Awards live performance in 2014 below

The Three P’s of Festival Camping

There are 3 Ps to Festival Camping that will reduce headaches and get you on your way to enjoying the festival faster. With these tips, you can create good memories instead of creating problems.


Visit the festival’s website for campsite guidelines. This will help you pack more efficiently and save you the trouble of not being SOL (shit outta luck) at the most inconvenient times. Cell phone service may not be the best is it ever?) and you will need a way to communicate, so a walkie talkie is a practical item to possess. Other items to bring include flashlights, multi-use tools, portable cell phone chargers, lighters (turn at least one into a necklace so you don’t lose it), battery powered string lights or tapestries to identify your campsite, earplugs (to protect your ears and to also help you sleep), and extra tent stakes. Speaking of stakes, you may want to consider getting plastic utility stakes versus sticking with the aluminum hook stakes that come with most tents. Get a plastic mallet for the plastic stakes.

One thing you can never have enough of is water. Hydration is important for overall well-being and safety at festivals, especially during the summer. A camelback is a good alternative to a water bottle. Just make sure yours is allowed. Next on the list for must-have items are toilet paper and baby wipes. Like water, you can never have too much of either. Toilet paper is in short supply not long after everyone begins to arrive. Don’t underestimate your personal bathroom needs. Baby wipes are essential to staying fresh and wiping down the grime.

If food is provided, you still will want to carry snacks to sustain you such as granola bars, nuts, and bananas. Instant oatmeal can make for a quick, but fiber-rich breakfast or snack for you. Tortillas, bacon, eggs, rice and frozen veggies can be bought relatively cheap.

Bonnaroo camping
Photo of Bonnaroo by Jason Anfinsen

Protect Yourself from The Elements

Emergency rain ponchos are an essential item of clothing in the event Mother Nature wants to follow the advice of Krewella’s debut studio album title and get wet. Walmart has emergency rain ponchos for less than a dollar. You will need to look for them in the car accessories section. Don’t get soaked. Party dry. If you are exposed to a lot of sun where you are camping, consider wearing lightweight, long sleeved shirts to protect from the sun and also against bugs. Hats and sunglasses are also great guardians against sunburn.

Music Festival Campers
Photo By Yves6

Picking Up After Yourself

After you pack up your belongings and drive off into the sunset or sunrise depending on how long you have stayed, there are workers who must clean up after festival patrons. Help them out and respect the camping grounds by not only picking up after yourself but others. Trash bags are a great item to bring. Leave no trace. Happy camping.

Eric Prydz Teases Fans with New EPIC 5.0 Photo

Eric Prydz is back at it again with the wow factor with his all new stage design ” EPIC 5.0″. With his 4.o being a successful tour we can just imagine what is in store for this upcoming tour, which will kick off on May 27th of this year in London.

Eric Prydz teased fans on Facebook with a post of what EPIC 5.0 is going to look like.

Benny Benassi Seriously Injured in Skiing Accident, Cancels Upcoming Shows

On Tuesday night, Benny Benassi’s management posted on the producer/DJ’s Twitter that he has sustained “a serious injury due to a skiing accident,” which led Benassi to cancel all of his upcoming shows. Benassi was scheduled to play in Atlanta on Friday, Los Angeles on Saturday, and Houston next Wednesday, among other stops.

The only thing we can hope for now is that Benny recovers fast!

Laidback Luke Compares EDM to McDonalds and Techno to Steak

Laidback Luke compares EDM to fast food and Techno to best the steak someone can eat.

Comments were made in the latest episode of Resident Advisor’s RA Exchange podcast when talking about the split between overground and underground genres in dance music.

“What has always boggled me about the modern generation of underground but overground music lovers is that people are just so focused on these little niches,” he tells RA’s Matt Unicomb.

“I often wonder: do techno people only eat the best steak each and every single day for a decade? And do EDM people only eat fast food each and everyday? The truth is, the majority doesn’t. Sometimes you eat great steak. Sometimes you go to the McDonald’s. And for me it’s the same with music. So I really love all of it. I love Diplo, but I love Surgeon as well.”

Even though Laidback Luke’s current profile shows him as an EDM DJ, he explains his origins lie in techno and house.

Check out the full interview here on DJ Mag

Pasquale Rotella Teases EDCLV 2017 Kinetic Field Stage

EDC is back at it again with the teasing that comes months before the music festival. This time the big tease has to do with the main stage Kinetic Field or should I say, Kinetic Gaia. As of now, there’s no blueprint showing what the stage will look like but a storyline describing it. It seems that the stage will represent the owl community together with all the great memories that were made at EDC.

Below is the story straight out of Pasquale Rotella’s Snapchat.


“The great Kinetic Hall is the place where the owl community gathers to share their visions and dreams. This is the place where they can escape everyday life and share stories with other members of the owl community. In the middle there is the statue of Kinetic Gaia. The statue holds 4 compasses to locate and connect with owl communities from every part of the world. The two owls guards closing both sides of the stage, are proud and with their heads high up in the air protect the statue of Kinetic Gaia.”

Afrojack Is Being Sued by His Ex-Girlfriend for $25 Million

As of yesterday, Afrojack is being sued by his ex-girlfriend, Lauren Meditz, for $25 million. The lawsuit stated, among other things, that Afrojack made suicidal threats and had aggressively controlling behavior toward Meditz.

Afrojack’s lawyer issued a statement:

The absurd lawsuit filed by disgruntled ex-girlfriend Lauren Meditz is nothing more than a shakedown of Nick van de Wall, aka Afrojack. These claims are completely false and fictional. You don’t have a valid claim just because your ex-boyfriend ends the relationship with you. This is not the first time that Ms. Meditz has filed this type of lawsuit. 

We are very confident this matter will be promptly dismissed.”

Meditz claimed that they entered a verbal agreement that he would support her financially if she devoted her time and attention to his personal business.

5 things you didn’t know about The Chainsmokers

The Chainsmokers have come a long way from their performance on American Idol which was probably one of the worst live performances seen on American television. Today they’re practically on every music festival lineup playing the mainstage while reaching to the top of the EDM charts.As big as they have gotten there’s still a lot we do not know about them.

Here are 5 things you didn’t know about The Chainsmokers:

They attended pretty impressive schools.

Drew Taggart attended Syracuse University and Alex Pall went to New York University.

How did they meet? 

Their current manager Adam Alpert got them together late 2012

Favorite Band?



Was a complete accident, but a good one

The Chainsmokers – Roses

The hit song only took 6 hours to make

20 Reasons to Attend Ultra Music Festival in Miami

Ultra Music Festival has been a big part of the Miami electronic music scene since 1999 where it all took place on the sands of South Beach to now where it is held in Bayfront Park in downtown Miami using the beautiful city’s skyline as its backdrop. Over the years UMF has grown to be one of the biggest US music festivals and is also known for being one of the best electronic music festivals in the world. Ultra attracts many international electronic music fans who come for a week usually for the start of Miami Music Week, which is the best times to catch the best DJs who play the week of UMF.

If you haven’t attended Ultra and would like to here are 20 reasons why you should not sleep on it!

  2. Hugging a stranger.
  3. Having way better stories than your friends who went to Cancun for Spring Break.
  4. Praying the entire weekend your Airbnb host doesn’t realize you had 12 people instead of 4.
  5. Being there for an only at Ultra moment.
  6. Checking out the Carl Cox and Friends’ Arena.
  7. After parties right after Ultra
  8. Experiencing ASOT
  9. Telling your friends at home to watch for you on UMFTV.
  10. Taking a photo with the tree that the girl made out with.
  11. Witnessing the peaceful coexistence of bros with snobs
  12. The biggest tracks of 2017 will be determined, and played at every stage, in some form or another.
  13. Real bathrooms. They’re located by the amphitheater at the bottom of the stairs. You’re welcome.
  14. Your new profile picture at Ultra.
  15. Enjoy Miami’s cityscape at night.
  16. Hanging out with your friends you haven’t seen in ages (for locals)
  17. Experiencing Ultra mayhem for the first time
  18. The Miami skyline towering over the festival grounds.
  19. Pulling an all-nighter from the Sunday after parties right up until your flight on Monday morning.
  20. Walking out of the gates on Day 3 and already knowing you’ll be back next year.

EDC Breaking Ground With VR Experience

Electric Daisy Carnival is one of the best music festivals in the US since it started. EDC has been very successful for more than a decade. With the “EDM bubble slowly bursting,” there’s still a powerful following for Electric Daisy Carnival that many see it as one of the original music festivals in the US. EDC has had a major influence on many of the music festivals that have popped up over the past couple of years. From the large stages to the best host in Las Vegas, EDC keeps pushing the boundaries in the very best way possible. With upgrades comes technology, and EDC has brought virtual reality to its tech audience two years in a row.

Last year’s EDC was epic, with the best in music and fabulous festival attendees. Even though some people aren’t always able to make it to EDC, Insomniac does their best to make sure viewers at home can also feel part of the experience. To start off of the New Year, EDC organizers teamed up with CES and VRLIVE to bring CES attendees, as well as those at home, a 360° EDC experience.

“VRLIVE’s cutting-edge technology and immersive 360º footage will transport viewers into the imaginative world of North America’s largest music festival as they witness more than 250 performances from globally acclaimed artists across eight of EDC’s massive stages and fourteen iconic Art Cars.”

With this cutting edge technology, those with VR devices could immerse themselves in Electric Daisy Carnival as if they had really been there.

“VRLIVE also executed the 360º live-broadcast of three intricately designed stages at EDC Las Vegas 2016 and routed each stream to 50 Samsung GearVR headsets at the VRLIVE Lounge on the festival grounds during the event. Guests were able to strap on a VR headset and virtually transport themselves to the stage of their choice while standing next to their favorite DJs as they performed in groundbreaking 360º live-broadcast virtual reality.”

For this super cool VR experience, check out this site