Alan Walker Announces “All Falls Down”

DJ and producer, Alan Walker, announced on Billboard that he will be releasing a new single, “All Falls Down” on Friday, Oct. 27th. The announcement came through the release of a trailer for the song’s video.

The news comes after a busy month for the artist. Just last week, fans were able to catch Alan Walker in Amsterdam during ADE, where he did an incredible sold out performance at Paradiso with Gavin James to perform the track “Tired.” Alan also participated in a panel for YouTube.

On Oct. 21st, DJ Mag announced their annual poll where people from all over the world voted for their favorite DJs. Alan moved up to 38 places to land at No. 17 on this year’s chart. The magazine also awarded him their highest Climber award, which celebrates the DJ that moved up the list the most number of places.


In just two years, and with only a handful of singles under his belt, the 20 year old British-Norwegian artist has gained the certified attention. He quickly racked up over five billion streams worldwide by blending lively, energetic beats and harmonic, sentimental melodies. Alan is certified gold and platinum in 32 countries and has quickly gained over 15 million followers across social media.

With his latest track, “All Falls Down,” it seems to be an action-packed adventure of epic proportions including romance, kidnapping, cult-like burials and a time capsule that looks like a casket, along with explosions and dramatic strings.

Exclusive: Krewella Brings ‘New World’ Tour To Miami

Shortly after releasing their latest EP, New World Pt. 1, Krewella revealed their North American tour, named after their EP, in anticipation of New World Part 2.

one of the few places im not thinkin bout the bullsheet

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Jahan and Yasmine Yousaf admitted that this is their first “big tour” that they’ve done in over three years, and “it’s going to be a culmination of over a year of planning and creating.” The sister-duo have already made stops in cities such as Nashville, Dallas, Austin, Houston, Albuquerque, Phoenix, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, Chico, Denver, Kansas City, St Louis, Atlanta and most recently Miami.

idk should we just drop this next week or somethin? 📹: @mixedmedia

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Although the show had a last minute change from The Fillmore Miami Theater to The Ground Miami (Club Space), stage production and high-energy levels was nothing short of amazing. In fact, my neck still hurts two days later from head-banging so hard, and I’m not even mad about. On Friday night, Oct. 20th, Krewella put on a show like they’re at a festival, and got the crowd singing along their loudest to every song. From their hit singles “Alive” and “Live For The Night,” to “Broken Record” and “New World” featuring Yellow Claw, the girls performed numerous popular tracks from their first album to their last EP.


ATL KREW, are you ready for the New World Tour tonight??

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The girls came out for an encore performace of “Team” and Yasmine even rapped their Krewella rendition of “Old Kanye,” which was something that only the core Krew fans understood. Of course, it wouldn’t be complete without a chilling campaign shower from Jahan, mosh pits and sweaty hugs with the fans during their meet and greet.

Krewella also teased one of their highly-anticipated unreleased tracks, “Dead AF,” which they revealed will be dropped later this week.

shiiiiit long essay caption alert🚨 it’s been a month since we left home for the New World Tour…every day i wanna collect my thoughts & post about it but as soon as i grasp them in my brain, the words dissipate. i guess that’s the beauty of being present. every night i get to lose myself on stage in the company of so many amazing humans – many who came to let go of shit they’re hanging on to or face shit that they’ve been running from. thank u for trusting us with your time & energy. thank u for telling us about what pains you, lights you up, & gets you through the day. thank u for dancing & sweating ur fucking asses off💦 to the girl who got broken up with the morning of our Denver show & came anyways, thank u for letting me just hold you while u cried. to the dude in Seattle who was really nervous to talk but told us anyways about how we’re the reason he got into making music, i’m fucking honored & thank u. to the bro who gestured cunnilingus at me the whole set in St. Louis, my dawg u gotta learn some respect for ladies so fuk u🖕🏽& thx for coming. to all my people who have met their best friends or significant others thru our music & u come out to shows like the cute asses y’all are thank uuu👼🏻 to anyone who’s driven 2…7…even 12+ hours to see us😵 THANK YOU. thank u all so fucking much. if u can’t tell, i’m obsessed with this tour. i hope to see u all in the New World 🌎

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Click here for tickets to Krewella’s “New World” tour at a city near you!

Exclusive Interview: ATB

One of the most popular Trance producers, ATB, has been in the music industry longer than we can remember. His tracks such as “9 PM,” “You’re Not Alone,” “Killer 2000” and more, have gained popularity and is some of the most recognized tracks during sets today. We were lucky enough to catch up with ATB and find out more about his view on the EDM industry and his latest album!

  1. Tell us about yourself and how you got started as a DJ/producer?


My real name is André Tanneberger, most of you guys know me as ATB. But I was making music as Sequential One before the ATB project was born. ATB got started in 1997 when I came up with the 9PM track … in fact I was working on it one evening but I had to go out. I knew I’d hit on something special so I saved the layout and needed a working title for it. I looked up at the clock and the time was 9PM, so that’s how it happened! When the track was completed, it was so different to my Sequential One style that I decided to come up with a new name. ATB.

  1. Who are some of your musical influences?


At the start of my musical career, I would say Jean Michel Jarre and Michael Cretu from ENIGMA certainly inspired me. I loved those spherical electronic sounds, but in the early 90s i was also into hard techno. My aim was to combine the two. Today, I listen to the radio a lot but I try not to let it have too much of an influence on me. I have found my own typical ATB sound and I’m not interested in fitting in with any current trends. My fans wouldn’t take it seriously anyway if I did.

  1. You’ve been in the scene for over 20 years, how have you seen EDM evolve as a whole? Do you think it’s a good or bad change?


The electronic music scene has developed so rapidly, particularly in the USA. DJs used to be hidden somewhere on the third floor or hidden behind a wall, they weren’t really a part of pop culture. We had to practically rebuild whole stages when I was on tour back then, I wanted to be closer to the crowd, to let them feel the energy of the music and interact with them, it was kind of groundbreaking to be honest. Then boom, along came EDM, although it’s really just another name for the electronic dance music genre which was already there. Suddenly, festivals starting popping up everywhere and the scene grew and grew incredibly quickly. This gave the whole music style a real boost and dance music has become an integral part of the music scene today, both in niche genres and as one of its main foundations. It’s brilliant to see, although sadly the distance between the DJ and the crowd is often just as big at festivals now as it was in the early days of electronic music. Sometimes it’s hard to see who’s up there on stage, unless their logo is projected on massive LED screens, which is a bit of a shame. Being close to the fans and engaging with them is an extremely important part of our scene and shouldn’t be neglected.
When you think about it, every musical direction goes through changes from time to time. Sometimes for the better, sometimes not so much.

  1. What would you say sets you apart from other Trance DJs out there?



People say I’ve created a distinctive ATB sound and you can hear it in my productions (laughs). That’s a really nice compliment. It’s often described as trance, although I’ve never really thought of myself as purely a trance DJ. Anyone who has heard me play will know that I like to shift direction during a set, reading the crowd and taking them on a journey. I love beautiful melodies and trance is not the only place to find them. I’m not bothered about musical categories, either I like a piece of music or I don’t.




  1. You recently released your album, neXt,how would you describe the tracks on this album to be different from pervious tracks you’ve released?


It is my tenth studio album, hence the X in the name, the Roman numeral for ten. It took a little longer to make than some of my previous albums, but I hope the wait has been worth it! It features a great range of collaborations again, which is important to me. I have different ways of working, so some tracks start out as a layout which I send to a vocalist I like, such as Sean Ryan, or in some case I’ll start writing a song from scratch in the studio, as I did with Jan Löchel.

The sound is very much ATB, but bringing in different artists creates something new and refreshing as well. There’s a more chilled out side to ATB again, which you can find on the tracks which feature on the second CD.


  1. I feel like the album gravitates more towards a trance, pop music sound compared to your other tracks like “9PM[Till I Come],” or “My Dream.” Is this the direction you plan on going with your music?

9PM and My Dream were released roughly 18 years ago and it would be kind of sad if I hadn’t developed musically since then. I think I released a lot of tracks after 9PM with trance sounds and pop-oriented vocals. Think of songs like Let U Go, Ecstasy, What About Us, Face to Face etc. I love this combination. But I’m not setting any limits on my musical future.


  1. What’s next that fans can look forward to as far as new music or a tour?

At the moment I’m on my “neXt world tour”, but I’m planniung to get back in the studio in October and work on ideas for the next record. There was a gap of roughly three years between CONTACT and neXt and I don’t want to keep my fans waiting so long this time 😉


  1. Tell us 3 things we don’t know about you (hobbies, funny stories, fun facts, likes/dislikes…etc…)

I got my pilot’s licence years ago, but as I’m on tour so much I’ve hardly had time to make use of it. So that’s on ice for now. But I do like the flight simulator I have installed on my computer, it’s a great way to wind down and relax.

Funny stories? I  was supposed to play the opening of the Olympics in Sydney 2000, but unfortunately had to cancel as I was sick…


The award-winning Dutch DJs and producers have teamed up for the monumental “Hands Up” transcending the best of signature Dutch house music and big room aesthetics. Released by Wall Recordings, the dynamic track spans between classic big beats to well-crafted progressive builds and catchy vocals from MC Ambush. Afrojack and Hardwell are having a huge year, simultaneously celebrating over 300 episodes of their popular Sirius XM radio shows to performing record-breaking headline shows around the world, with Hardwell even turning up as the surprise DJ guest at Afrojack’s recent birthday event NO PLACE LIKE HOME on Sept. 9 in Rotterdam Ahoy. Now together, the global dance music artists and friends are set to turn club floors on fire with their latest collaboration. After a short preview on Hardwell’s global radio show Hardwell On Air, the audience response was wild and clearly a sign of the song’s catchy vibe and huge appeal.


DJ Hardwell

Having earned the coveted title of No. 1 DJ according to DJ Mag Top 100 DJs poll two years in a row by the age of 26, Hardwell’s proven record of success and versatility makes him a formidable force in the music industry. The multi-talented producer, musician, label owner, documentary film maker and DJ began his successful career at the age of 14 and has since been nominated for and received a wide accolade of awards including the 2014 MTV European Music Awards for “Best Dutch Act,” “Best Global DJ” at the 2016 IDMA’s in Miami and recently winning “Best Big Room House” and “Best International DJ” at the 2017 DJ Awards in Ibiza. His 18-month world tour “I Am Hardwell” featured at cities such as Singapore, Istanbul and Jakarta, earning him worldwide recognition and contributed to Hardwell becoming one of the electronic scenes most “clicked on” artists with over 753 million hits on YouTube and 8.9 million likes on Facebook. Having worked with many of the music industry’s most recognizable artists such as Jason Derulo and Craig David, his new single with Afrojack promises to be another runaway success.

Afrojack has been one of dance music’s front-runners and has an incomparable reputation as a DJ and producer. Born Nick van de Wall, the Dutch electronic music phenomenon collaborated with the likes of David Guetta, Steve Aoki, Diplo, Pitbull and The Black Eyes Peas, won a Grammy for his (and David Guetta’s) remix of Madonna’s ‘Revolver’. He is known to always be dedicated and devoted to bringing the best music experience to his listeners and rocks stages everywhere from Ibiza’s finest venues to globally acclaimed music festivals. He spent six years on the top 10 of DJ Mag’s coveted Top 100 DJ’s list and found his own record label called Wall Recordings. He’s been nominated for a wide variety of awards such as “Best Electronic” and “Best World Stage Performance” at the MTV Europe Music Awards and the NRJ Awards. Recently, he was nominated for an MTV Video Music Award for Best Dance Video for “Gone” featuring Ty Dolla $ign and spent 4 weeks at #1 on the US Dance Charts for “Another Life” with David Guetta. Afrojack has a long record of surpassing expectations and successfully making a place for himself in the music industry.

Starchasr – Jamurai and a Look To The Stars

“Jamurai” from Nick Richards, also known as Starchasr, is one of the latest releases from Austin-based label Brawla Records for the DJ arsenal, guaranteed to start a mosh pit. If hard-hitting and reverberating bass is your thing, then “Jamurai” is the track to scoop up. You can preview the track below on Soundcloud or stream it on Spotify. “Jamurai” is the first track to be released from Starchasr’s Magnata EP and it is quite the introduction.

Nick Richards started off as a musical maverick at 15 years old, choosing to experiment with bass music and craft his own sound on his laptop. A lot has taken place since Nick began to toy and tinker with beats in Garage Band. The name Starchasr is a moniker Richards used for video games. Now he is part of The Dirty Collective in Houston, Texas and is signed with Brawla Records, an Austin Texas based label that describes itself as “a music label with a curated point of view.” Brawla Records is where you will find Nick Richards’s upcoming Mangata EP, a mix of dubstep, trap, and experimental, future bass tracks.

There are two sides of the musical coin in this EP. “Skwish” and “The Witch” make up the dubstep/trap side of the EP. Big Cats, Dot Matrix Demo, and Shoreline are on the future bass/experimental side of the EP.”Big Cat” is one of my favorite joints on the EP. It’s solid future bass. I love how the vocal hooks fit into the track and are made into part of the beat. The artwork for “Big Cat” is fitting. A woman blends into the night sky and out of the corner of her left eye is what appears to be some sort of aura or spirit soaring up into the cosmos. The track does have a spacey feel.

“Shoreline” is one of those put-your-top down songs you play on the way to the beach. The song is stripped down and accented with finger snaps. The melody drops in this one are on point. “Skwish uses expertly timed hi-hats and atmospheric sounds like gunshots to deliver a nice hip swaying trap beat. There’s a little something for every bass music head on this EP. Look out for it on Brawla Records in the fall.

Purchase “Jamurai” on Apple Music and Beatport. You can check out Starchasr’s other tracks here. Follow Starchasr on Facebook  and Twitter. 


Munchie Squad Teams Up With YMTK For “Keep Callin”

Munchie Squad, consisting of Julian Propst, nico Winkler and Luca Pivetz, have had an impressive rise in the music scene since 2016, and their work speaks volumes of their attention to detail and talent. Their quirky style certainly makes them unique, and they’ve honed in on their signature sound to a tee with their productions to prove that.

The producers have previously released their remix of Sam Bruno’s “Tip Of My Tongue” on Atlantic Records in 2016, “No Sleep” featuring Chelsea Collins and “Black Hole” featuring Cali. They continue to create melodic and intricate beats while showcasing their creativity and versatility in their latest track, “Keep Callin” featuring YMTK.

The trio goes in a different direction with their newest hip hop influenced track featuring the L.A.-based rapper. Munchie Squad perfectly fuses together an irresistibly catchy mellow electro-house melody featuring classic hip hop beats. “Keep Callin” is full of high energy and the track comes full circle with YMTK’s hot vocals, bringing together the upbeat and bouncy vibe to create the ultimate party track. The song is set to release on Oct. 6th on FYE Music.


NGHTMRE Drops “On The Run” Featuring Passeport Out

With a busy 2017 ahead, NGHTMRE is not slowing down on releasing music. He recently dropped “End Of The Night” with Ghastly, “Embrace” with Carmada, and remixed Fat Joe’s hit “Lean Back” and DJ Snake’s recent “Here Comes The Night.”

Source: Run The Trap

Now, NGHTMRE just released a track with Passeport Out called “On The Run” on Mad Decent. The track is equipped with mesmerizing vocals from Passeport Out, and features a stunning electric guitar riff, descending into a seductive drop. The producer’s signature melodic-bass style is still heard throughout the song, giving it that perfect blend of harmony and enticing sounds.

Earlier this year, NGHTMRE has been putting on hard-hitting shows at various festivals such as Middlelands, Lollapalooza, Coachella, EDC Las Vegas, and his own Gud Vibrations Festival in SoCal with Slander. Now, he just kicked off his tour, NGHTMRE Before Xmas, ending the year with a big bang.

NGHTMRE Before Xmas Tour Dates:
9/29 – Vision – Tokyo, Japan
9/30 – Boom Boom Room – Shenzhen, China
10/01 – MYST – Shanghai, China
10/03 – Electric Sky Festival – Seoul, South Korea
10/06 – Sluggtopia – Morrison, CO
10/08 – Hakkasan – Las Vegas, NV
10/19 – Monstercat x ADE – Amsterdam, Netherlands
10/21 – Trap Nation x ADE – Amsterdam, Netherlands
10/27 – Voodoo Music + Arts Experience – New Orleans, LA
10/28 – Escape – San Bernardino, CA
10/29 – Something Wicked – Houston, TX
11/07 – Omnia – Las Vegas, NV
11/10 – 11/11 – EDC Orlando – Orlando, FL
11/17 – Hakkasan – Las Vegas, NV
11/18 – Aragon Ballroom – Chicago, IL
11/22 – Royal Oak Music Theatre – Detroit, MI
11/24 – Skyway Theatre – Minneapolis, MN
11/25 – Hakkasan – Las Vegas, NV
12/01 – The Wilma – Missoula, MT
12/02 – Hakkasan – Las Vegas, NV
12/16 – Bill Graham Civic Auditorium – San Francisco, CA
12/21 – Rams Head Live – Baltimore, MD
12/22 – House Of Blues – Boston, MA
12/23 – Terminal 5 – New York City, NY

Rezz Announces ‘Mass Manipulation’ Comic Book

With the help of illustrator and animator Luis Colindres, rising dance music superstar REZZ has brought her extraterrestrial ‘Mass Manipulation’ album to life in the form of a 60-page comic book. The comic book is available for pre-order now, and is accompanied with the release of an animated music video for ‘Premonition,’ giving viewers a sneak peek of the comic book storyline.

Luis Colindres and I created ‘Mass Manipulation’ as a 60-page comic book to help tell the story of my album.  It shows REZZ arriving from Neptune to mass manipulate and hypnotize planet earth. Accompanying the comic book is an animated music video for ‘Premonition’, which features images and highlights from the comic book,” said Rezz


Playing a young alien from Neptune who crash lands on Earth, REZZ befriends two earthlings as they discover her incredible innate ability; hypnosis through music. The comic invites readers to step into the psychedelic world of REZZ as she embarks on a mind-bending journey to manipulate the masses and ultimately achieve her final mission, bringing peace and love to earth. Paired with a lively music video to support the comic, both new and old fans of REZZ can now fully tune into the cult of REZZ.


REZZ has had a clear vision since day one, breathing life into the electronic music scene through her dark, hypnotic soundscapes while her audible, musical vision became visually interpreted with poise and accuracy by Chicago based illustrator Luis Colindres.  Colindres began working with REZZ on her ‘Something Wrong Here’ EP, and has been integral in setting her visual standard by designing the ‘Mass Manipulation’ album cover, tour art, and now the comic book and ‘Premonition’ music video.

The visual narrative appropriately titled ‘Mass Manipulation’ is now available for pre-order in the format of a physical comic for the very first time. REZZ will continue her ‘Mass Manipulation’ World Tour throughout the year, hypnotizing North America, Australasia and Europe throughout 2017.