Why is house music called house music?

The origins of the term “house music” are disputed. Some house music enthusiasts claim that the term is derived from the name of a club called “The Warehouse.” In the late 1970s and early 1980s, “underground” warehouse parties became popular among the teenagers living in the Chicago area. One of these underground spots, attended primarily by gay black & latino men, became known as “The Warehouse”. The resident DJ at The Warehouse, Frankie Knuckles, mixed classic disco, European synthpop, new wave, industrial and punk recordings. Club regulars referred to his mixes as house music.

Chip E.’s early recording “It’s House” may also have helped to define this new form of electronic music. Chip E. claims the name came from methods of labelling records at the Imports Etc record store, where he worked at in the early 1980s. Music that DJ Knuckles played at the Warehouse nightclub was labelled “As Heard At The Warehouse”, which was shortened to simply “The House”.

Larry Heard, aka “Mr. Fingers,” claims that the term “house” reflected the fact that many early DJ’s created music in their own homes, using synthesizers and drum machines, including the Roland TR-808, TR-909 and the TB 303 “Bassline”. These machines became known as the “Acid Machines,” and were used to create the “Acid House” sound.

10 Fun Facts you didn’t know about these EDM DJ’s

If you’d like to expand your knowledge on the scene, check out these 10 surprising facts about some of the biggest artists in EDM today!

1. Diplo once attended an anger management class due to a bar fight

2. A-Trak holds the record for youngest winner of the DMC World DJ Championships

3. Dada Life met at a chili cook-off in Sweden

4. Kaskade speaks Japanese fluently, is Mormon, and spent two years as a missionary in Japan.

5. Steve Aoki first started playing chess at the age of 4 and was once ranked one of the top 250 players in the world 

6. Moby is related to Herman Melville, Author of Moby Dick

7. Eric Prydz was once part of Swedish House Mafia

8. Laidback Luke is a master in Kung-fu

9. Armin Van Burren has a law degree

10. Hardwell completed his first tour at the age of 14.

Elon Musk dropped an EDM banger on SoundCloud

New music releases are nothing out of the norm, but this unlikely person by the name of Elon Musk who’s the Tesla and SpaceX CEO decided to upload a track on SoundCloud. Earlier this week he claimed to have written a song called “Don’t Doubt ur Vibe,” to be released on Emo G Records and at first it seemed to be trolling, but turns out Elon was super serious.

Check Elon’s new track below: