Meet The Stage Designers Behind EDC’s Infamous bassPOD


Meet Heather Shaw and Elliott Dunwody who are a big part of the Vita Motus Design Studio, the team behind EDC’s awesome stages. The bassPOD is one of the coolest stages at EDCLV designed to make you feel that you’re in the center of all the action. A stage that can shoot fire up to 50 ft in the air with awesome LED panels for sick lights and graphics!


EDCLV Tips – Pace Yourself!

It’s that time of year where we all meet up under the electric sky! At this point most of us are either at a pool party, getting f*cked up in a hotel room (drinks are too pricey to be buying them on the strip) or just walking the strip being a tourist. With that said we’re all pretty much pumped and ready for this epic weekend to begin!

Keep in mind that water is a must especially when it’s over 105+ degrees out. Alcohol can dehydrate you as well so better get that water in between shots lol. Pace yourself… it’s going to feel like a marathon, but go at your pace… biggest mistake for me in the past years was trying to do too much during the day and going to EDC at night. know that you can put yourself at risk of a heat stroke and feel the heat exhaustion kicking in.

Know the signs and how to face them.


Studies Say Tequila Is Good for Bone Strengthening

Turn down for what?!

It seems that science is claiming that tequila is good for us and strengthens the bones.

Reports from studies by scientists at the Center for Research and Advanced Studies in Mexico claims tequila contains substances that improve the body’s absorption of calcium and magnesium, both needed for good bone health.

According to Science Daily the substances are found in the blue variety of the agave tequilana plant.

Who knew tequila shots could be so beneficial and that other night out drinking wasn’t bad after all….. I guess it’s time to pat yourself on the back and take your victory shot of some tequila.




ODESZA Drops a new track [Listen Here]

Odesza’s new single “Line of Sight” ft. WYNNE & Mansionair dropped today! Six days ago, when a playlist showed up on Odesza’s Spotify with a morse code sequence that translated to “4/25.” Odesza confirmed that 4/25 means new music, which means Odesza has new music to listen to so check it out below.


DJ Snake Reveals His Human Side While Eating Spicy Wings During Interview

This is probably one of the best interviews with DJ Snake you may ever get to see. Being interviewed by Hot Ones host Sean Evens right away you realize that this is nothing like your normal DJ interview. Like any other interview with questions and answers this one had a twist to it which included eating chicken wings.


Check out DJ Snake eating the hottest wings that almost had him walking away before the interview was over.

Man Arrested at Coachella for Stealing over 100 Phones

So this dumb crook gets instant karma when police were able to arrest him. Reinaldo De Jesus Henao was caught after festival attendees used the “Find My iPhone” function to track down Henao’s position and have security detain him until authorities arrived.

Henao faces grand theft and possession of stolen property charges.

As music festivals grow in popularity you have to keep in mind that this growth also comes with bad people who are there for the wrong reasons. I may look dumb for wearing a fanny pack, but I don’t have to worry about shit being taken away from me.

Stolen phones at coachella

Imagine Music Festival Releases Phase 1

IMF is headed back to Atlanta in late September for another great run! With Phase 1 just being released it seems there have been major upgrades from last year’s so-so lineup. For the most part, the lineup is a bass lovers dream with a few other big names scattered around.



Stay tuned for phase 2!

Electric Zoo Phase 1 out and Includes Deadmau5 b2b Eric Prydz

Phase 1 is finally out for Electric Zoo and boy oh boy this lineup sure is stacking up to be an all-time best for EZoo. When taking a quick glance you’ll notice names like Seven Lions, Excision, Sasha b2b John Digweed, Above & Beyond and Deadmau5 b2b Eric Prydz. With only phase 1 out this is enough to bring all EDM fans from different sub-genres together.

Stay tuned for phase 2!


Electric Zoo Phase 1
Electric Zoo Phase 1

Calvin Harris Collab with Young Thug, Ariana Grande, Pharrell Feature for New Song Heatstroke

Calvin Harris is coming out with another song! This new track will feature Ariana Grande, Pharrell Williams and Young Thug. Calvin Harris took to twitter today to announce that his new song is titled “Heatstroke”.

No teasers have been lead up to this song yet.


Ultra Reports Less Arrests, Medical Calls and Zero Deaths

What a great way to start off the festival season! It seems like the crowd at Ultra is maturing and the changes made this year benefitted. With only 35 arrests made all weekend that represents a 50% decrease from 2016.

Only 59 people were transported to nearby hospitals from Ultra Music Festival. There were no deaths reported from UMF which is a big success for the music festival and its future in downtown Miami. It seems people finally understand the fact that they don’t have to be high to have fun.

Ultra Music Festival increased its age requirements to 18+, which started in 2015.