Starchasr – Jamurai and a Look To The Stars

“Jamurai” from Nick Richards, also known as Starchasr, is one of the latest releases from Austin-based label Brawla Records for the DJ arsenal, guaranteed to start a mosh pit. If hard-hitting and reverberating bass is your thing, then “Jamurai” is the track to scoop up. You can preview the track below on Soundcloud or stream it on Spotify. “Jamurai” is the first track to be released from Starchasr’s Magnata EP and it is quite the introduction.

Nick Richards started off as a musical maverick at 15 years old, choosing to experiment with bass music and craft his own sound on his laptop. A lot has taken place since Nick began to toy and tinker with beats in Garage Band. The name Starchasr is a moniker Richards used for video games. Now he is part of The Dirty Collective in Houston, Texas and is signed with Brawla Records, an Austin Texas based label that describes itself as “a music label with a curated point of view.” Brawla Records is where you will find Nick Richards’s upcoming Mangata EP, a mix of dubstep, trap, and experimental, future bass tracks.

There are two sides of the musical coin in this EP. “Skwish” and “The Witch” make up the dubstep/trap side of the EP. Big Cats, Dot Matrix Demo, and Shoreline are on the future bass/experimental side of the EP.”Big Cat” is one of my favorite joints on the EP. It’s solid future bass. I love how the vocal hooks fit into the track and are made into part of the beat. The artwork for “Big Cat” is fitting. A woman blends into the night sky and out of the corner of her left eye is what appears to be some sort of aura or spirit soaring up into the cosmos. The track does have a spacey feel.

“Shoreline” is one of those put-your-top down songs you play on the way to the beach. The song is stripped down and accented with finger snaps. The melody drops in this one are on point. “Skwish uses expertly timed hi-hats and atmospheric sounds like gunshots to deliver a nice hip swaying trap beat. There’s a little something for every bass music head on this EP. Look out for it on Brawla Records in the fall.

Purchase “Jamurai” on Apple Music and Beatport. You can check out Starchasr’s other tracks here. Follow Starchasr on Facebook  and Twitter. 


Rob Swire Considers Making New Pendulum Album

Rob Swire electrified Pendulum fans and lit up Twitter yesterday with the surprise announcement that he was mulling over the decision to make a new Pendulum album. Pendulum’s last album was Immersion in 2010 so it’s been a long time since the world has been able to press play on new music from the group.


In June of this year, Pendulum came together to play a full live set after almost six years. This is quite the turn around from the attitude displayed in an AMA Reddit thread two years ago where Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen sat down to chat with fans. It was revealed that Rob’s heart was not in the Pendulum project, that he didn’t want to make more drum and bass or fuse it with rock, and didn’t want to travel with a live band. He said it would sound different. Time will tell if Rob Swire and company will head into the studio. Whatever the outcome, there will be fans eagerly waiting.

Tropix & Oxilo Heat Up Summer with Out of Love Remix

In February of this year, Two Friends and Cosmos & Creator released “Out of Love” on Spinnin’ Records. A saxophone serenade and a chorus of “Ohs” made it an instant hit and spawned numerous remixes. Cosmos & Creator hail from Toluca Lake, a neighborhood in Los Angeles, and Two Friends (duo Matt Halper + Eli Sones) also call Los Angeles home. The LA trifecta was completed when LA resident and producer Oxilo teamed up with East Coasters Dex and Dylan, who make up Tronix, to remix “Out of Love.” Today we take a look at one of the hottest remixes of the summer that will be sure to hype up your poolside parties and light up your dj sets.


Oxilo’s productions range from the more melodic, chill side of bass music to trap and dubstep. In this remix for “Out of Love,” his presence and influence can be felt. The remix employs claps, a funky breakdown, and the familiar sound of Mario breaking a brick to find a coin breathes new life into the original.

The remix was officially released on July 10, 2017, and in just six days it amassed over 10,000 plays. This comes on the heels of a logo makeover and sound makeover for Dex and Dylan. The producer pair had the following to say about their relaunch:


“We are excited to introduce the world to our melodic future sounds, and sharing the love of music with our fans in the diaspora. We are committed to creating good feelings to identify our greatest moments together.”


Tropix’s music is traveling the world and the pair has plans to take people on the musical journey with them. Download the Tropix and Oxilo’s “Out of Love” remix at and heart on Hype Machine at Check out Tropix’s and Oxilo’s socials below.




Ramzoid Turns Iphone Sounds into Sick Beats

Canadian  producer Ramzoid recently put out some encouragement into the Twitter universe, tweeting “guys it literally does not matter what daw or plugins u use u can make dope shit with anything.” He took his own advice and made a beat with the help of sounds from an Iphone.



In the video, Ramzoid shows how he takes what he finds in a pack of Iphone sounds and works his magic. As the video goes along, the beat becomes more layered and Ramzoid constructs the intro. During the creation of this beat, you see Ramzoid play with different sounds, arrange things in his DAW, make a bassline, and discover the perfect percussion to loop. See the results below!







Dj Khaled’s Not So Good, Very Bad Night at EDC Vegas

It should have been Dj Khaled’s time to get some good videos and photos for his Snapchat or Instagram. Instead, Dj Khaled, invited to perform on the last day of EDC Las Vegas this year, was booed off the stage after a set of sound issues, famous catch phrases, and short abrupt transitions from one 30 seconds of a track to another by his DJ.


The crowd could only take so much, erupting into a chorus of boos and aggravating grumbling.  Dj Khaled, dedicated to the show going on in spite of a bad crowd reaction, moved around on stage and mustered his best lines to try to win his audience over to no avail. Dj Khaled claimed on Instagram that his set had problems because of the sound crew and alleged that they cut his set short.

A video taken by Yo Swan shows Dj Khaled refusing to exit the stage when prompted. Instead of leaving, the DJ responds by playing “Jump Around” by House Of Pain.  If there had been no sound problems, there is no telling if the crowd would have eventually joined  Mr. Khaled all the way up and willingly put their hands in the air. The world may never know.

Protect Your Ears: A PSA

Speaker stacks are common sights at clubs, warehouses, and festivals where eardrums are pounded with loud, pulsing electronic dance music for several hours.  It is easy to get lost in the music and not think about hearing loss, but noise induced hearing loss is a real thing and hearing protection is a great tool in preserving your hearing. Drugstores sell foam earplugs, but for a wider range of protection that allows for more clarity in the music and conversations you desire, high fidelity earplugs should be considered. EDM events can expose you to decibels that are over 100 and if like most people, you are at an event for over an hour, the risk of hearing loss increases.

Noise induced hearing loss (NIHL) can happen from one incident of being exposed to a very loud sound or repeated exposure to loud sounds/noise. Continuous exposure can lead to tinnitus where one hears sound that is not present. Some symptoms include buzzing, hissing, whistling, and clicking. The risk of developing tinnitus and damaging your hearing is great for both music listeners and DJS.

Aly El Sayed Amr Fathalah is one half of trance producer group Aly & Fila. The two Egyptians used to tour together until Aly suffered dramatic hearing loss one year. His doctors advised him to restrict himself from events with loud noise and he has remained in the studio ever since. Zedd (Anton Zaslavski )is another dj and producer who suffered hearing loss. In 2014 he was diagnosed with sudden hearing loss in his left ear,  losing 30db on the left ear at 2khz. It is now being reported that Japanese pop star Ayumi Hamasaki is going deaf in her right ear. Back at the turn of the century, Ayumi Hamasaki decided to tour in 2000 after battling an ear infection. Doctors suggested she rest and not be exposed to loud noises but Hamasaki continued to perform. In 2008 Hamasaki’s hearing was lost completely in her left ear and now the recording artist is facing uncertainty. Ayumi Hamasaki is one of the most recognized voices in trance music, having had her hit “M” remixed by many, including Above and Beyond. To avoid jeopardizing your career or listening enjoyment, ear protection is a must. See you out on the dance floor (with ear protection).

The Party of the Future is Here with TheWaveVR


Visual aids in concert settings have come a long way from the days of intelligent stage lighting and smog machines. Large LED screens and over the top production entice the eyes to get lost in explosions of light, color, and well-timed images at clubs and music festivals. Now, co-founders Adam Arrigo and Aaron Lemeke want to immerse you in a virtual world that tests the senses.

TheWaveVR is the founders’ response to a growing demand for more creative engagement with music fans. The WaveVR is an unparalleled musical experience, allowing people to talk, high five, and interact with the music on a scale not seen before. Environments shift, shape, light up, and evolve before the user’s eyes. If the WaveVR was just a platform for spectators, then there wouldn’t be much to distinguish it from competing platforms, but what makes TheWaveVr a trendsetter is that it allows performers to create their own concerts.

Performers can sign up to mix live on their own customized stage and tweek their audience’s experience. These shows, called “Wave shows” include a set of virtual Dj tools for performers that want to entertain a crowd.  Currently, the WaveVr is available an Early Access Game on Steam and is free to download. The full version is expected at the end of 2017 and the developers promise a bigger suite of tools for “artists to create shows with and new ways for fans to experience those shows.”

TheWaveVR software requires the use of an HTC Vive, 8 MB of Ram, 600 MB of available space, an i5 processor, and graphics set at 970 or higher. Some Steam users reported that the software would occasionally lag and crash, but the response has mostly been positive, with people applauding the ability to jam with friends, make new friends, drink potions to be transported into different visual dimensions, and play with toys to enhance the VR experience. Check out one user’s experience below.



To get an idea of what a live set looks like in TheWave, watch Grimecraft’s live set.


Find out more at  Download TheWaveVr at


Goldie to Tour with the Heritage Orchestra Ensemble Winter 2017


Goldie has done it all. He’s created works of art (the man knows his way around the world of graffiti), set the floor on fire as a member of breakdancing crews in the 90s, and has DJed around the world. A household name in the world of drum and bass, Goldie is the founder of well-known label Metalheadz, a label that not only refined tastes in jungle and drum and bass but was the fuel for memorable, Metalheadz stamped club nights. Timeless, Saturnz Return, Ring of Saturn, Malice in Wonderland, and the soundtrack to Sine Tempus are some of his most important works. On June 16, 2017, he will release his newest album The Journey Man. Goldie has always been ambitious and in 2017 there are no signs of him slowing down. This winter Goldie will embark on a seven-city tour with the Heritage Orchestra Ensemble later this year.

Goldie UK Tour with the Heritage Orchestra Ensemble

Goldie will travel to Manchester, Glasgow, Liverpool, London, Brighton, Wolverhampton, and Bristol. During this tour, Goldie promises a “culmination of everything past, present and future in [his] music.” Perhaps with enough fan feedback, Goldie can be persuaded to take this concert format around the world. In the meantime, here’s to more decades of Goldie. To buy tickets for the UK tour, go to

Goldie Boiler Room T2 Trainspotting Berlin DJ Set

Watch my 90s throwback set from the T2 x Boiler Room Rave in Berlin the other day:

Posted by Goldie on Thursday, February 23, 2017

Six Mixes You Need to Listen to Right Now


1. Golf Clap – Movement Weekend Warmup Mix – April 2017

At the end of May, Detroit will host its annual Movement festival. On Sunday, May 28th Golf clap will play the afterparty alongside Miija, Billy Kenny, Eyes Everywhere, and more special guests. Check out a preview of what is to come by playing this Movement Weekend Warmup Mix.


2. Lane 8 Spring 2017 Mixtape

Summer is upon us but it’s not too late to get in on Lane 8’s recent mixtape, your soundtrack for this season of renewal, pollen, and festivals.


3. Holy Ship! 2017 Live Sets: Mija (Spice H20)

Get in the zone with Mija as she rocks the sea in this Holy Ship mix. Mija is a genre bender, taking on her final form no matter what she spins. Indulge in the bump and groove of Mija’s Holy Ship set.


4. UPHILL proudly presents BLAZE IT FOR DAYS mixtape – 2K17

In the mood for reggae, dancehall, riddims? Uphill soundstation (Selector Daddy Smiley, MC Junior Fragga, and Puppa Lesta) from Belgium has just what you need.


5. Triple J Guest Mix from Jayceeoh

Jayceeoh has had a very good year, touring and producing hits that light up the masses. His remix of MadeinTYO’s “Skateboard P” was just released on April 19th and he shows no signs of slowing down. Check out this guest mix he did for Australian radio station Triple J. 


6. Mixmag: In Session: Mr. Mitch

Expect the unexpected with Mr. Mitch. Dive into bass, drums, and beats as Mr. Mitch sets course for an atypical mix. If you are not left both impressed and overpowered by the rhythm, you may want to check your ears.

Yoshihiro Tsujimoto covers Avicii’s “Wake Me Up”

More popularly known as a jazz musician from Japan, Yoshihiro Tsujimoto enlisted his trusty saxophone to do a cover of Avicii’s “Wake Me Up.” The young Tsujimoto sat at a drum set and supplied his own beat for the song, proving he can play more than just the saxophone and the clarinet. Here it is in all its glory.


The versatile artist was recently in Austin for SXSW. Get a load of the jam session he started earlier this month.

360° LIVE at 6th Street with CALMERA辻元 and CHAIユナ_02

Shooting your world 360°!!!360° street live with カルメラ CALMERA(辻本 美博 (Yoshihiro Tsujimoto)) and CHAI at 6th SXSW2017#SXSW2017#SXSW360#THETA360#RicohTHETA360#6thStreet#カルメラ#CHAI

Posted by RicohTheta_SXSW2017 on Saturday, March 18, 2017


Mihiro Tsujimoto was born in Nara City and began his music education in junior high. He played clarinet in the brass band during junior high and continued in high school. Once he graduated and arrived at college, he encountered an alto saxophone player and joined the ALS Jazz Orchestra. He’s gone on to win many different awards and release two albums with the jazz band, Carmela. Now he’s making the rounds and continues to be a central figure in the jazz community. Perhaps Avicii will notice and hit up Tsujimoto for a collab. One can hope.

For more from Yoshihiro Tsujimoto, follow him on Instagram and Youtube. Learn more about him at his official website at