EDCLV Tips – Pace Yourself!

EDC Las Vegas

It’s that time of year where we all meet up under the electric sky! At this point most of us are either at a pool party, getting f*cked up in a hotel room (drinks are too pricey to be buying them on the strip) or just walking the strip being a tourist. With that said we’re all pretty much pumped and ready for this epic weekend to begin!

Keep in mind that water is a must especially when it’s over 105+ degrees out. Alcohol can dehydrate you as well so better get that water in between shots lol. Pace yourself… it’s going to feel like a marathon, but go at your pace… biggest mistake for me in the past years was trying to do too much during the day and going to EDC at night. know that you can put yourself at risk of a heat stroke and feel the heat exhaustion kicking in.

Know the signs and how to face them.


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