FestEvo Reveals Game-Changing Web Platform For FestivalGoers

Music festivals have evolved into a popular event for people all over the world to enjoy, especially over the summer. Tucker Gumber, CEO and Founder of the game-changing web platform, FestEvo, just made it a lot easier for festival goers to access products, book travel plans, discover new music and more.

The Andoird and iOS app was designed to provide solutions to a variety of problems that festival goers typically run into such as finding the right gear tailored for festival-specific usage, technology, education, make traveling easier through their partnership with Priceline, and find the hottest fashion with brands like SpiritHoods, Grassroots California and JUICY RV.

Over the past seven years, Gumber has attended over 126 festivals since 2011, and after noticing several universal festival challenges, he set out to solve them. He wanted to establish festival etiquette, unite the festival community, have fans discover and support up-and-coming artists through their database of over 30,000 artists and DJs in the world, promote top vendors and reward festival goers for being active participants in the community.

“There was a point in my adventures attending music festivals where I realized festivaling is just as much of an outdoor hobby as my other passions of fishing, golfing, and snowboarding,” says Gumber. “It brings people together. The more you do it, the better you get at it, the more gear you add to your collection, the more fun you have doing it. The thing is, unlike other outdoor activities, there’s never been any established etiquette or education. With many hobbies, knowledge is passed from veteran-to-newbie, there are books you can read, courses you can take. There are plenty of brands that support outdoor enthusiasts with products and information: fisherman have Bass Shop Pro, golfers have GolfSmith, snowboarders have REI. That has ever existed for festivaling. Until now.”

As a bonus, FestEvo allows users to earn flyer miles, and have the chance to win festival tickets, experience packages and use points to purchase gear. Users can see which of their friends are attending which events as well as swap tickets and organize meetups all over North America, Europe and Australia.

FestEvo currently offers memberships for $10/year and continues to develop, looking to make one’s festival experience better.

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