Laidback Luke Compares EDM to McDonalds and Techno to Steak

laidback luke

Laidback Luke compares EDM to fast food and Techno to best the steak someone can eat.

Comments were made in the latest episode of Resident Advisor’s RA Exchange podcast when talking about the split between overground and underground genres in dance music.

“What has always boggled me about the modern generation of underground but overground music lovers is that people are just so focused on these little niches,” he tells RA’s Matt Unicomb.

“I often wonder: do techno people only eat the best steak each and every single day for a decade? And do EDM people only eat fast food each and everyday? The truth is, the majority doesn’t. Sometimes you eat great steak. Sometimes you go to the McDonald’s. And for me it’s the same with music. So I really love all of it. I love Diplo, but I love Surgeon as well.”

Even though Laidback Luke’s current profile shows him as an EDM DJ, he explains his origins lie in techno and house.

Check out the full interview here on DJ Mag

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