Music Festivals and Drugs Go Hand in Hand

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The endless parade of music festivals and the growing drug culture has become part of life. There was a time when alcohol and Rock n Roll were best of friends, but now drugs and outdoor music festivals have taken these best buddies out. What exactly changed in the last decade that makes music festivals prone to particular drugs?

EDM isn’t just about music; it’s about the moment and experience. It’s a place for music, lights, dancing and drugs. The dilated pupils’ and euphoric smiles floating around, indicates the experience of attendees at fests. The choices of drugs vary from festivals to festivals as they promote feeling of closeness and bliss. It’s tricky to get stats on how many types of drugs are available or how many people do drugs but based on general perception we are going to talk about few of the most commonly used drugs at EDM festivals.

MDMA: The drug of choice at most of these music festivals. It can make lights look brighter and music sound better. There is also a belief that it can heighten the sense of touch to a new level that’s almost brooding. MDMA powder goes by “Molly” as a street name.

LSD: It’s a powerful hallucinogenic drug which means that the users are likely to experience a distorted view of objects and reality. The experience of LSD is known as “Tripping” The trip can be good or bad but until you take it you don’t know how it will affect you and once it starts you can’t stop it.

Magic Mushrooms: They can give you a very good trip, making you feel confident, relaxed and in a good spirit. They can even make you feel like you’re dreaming when you’re actually awake. It is popular among music festival crowds as it enhances the perception of colors and sounds. Magic Mushroom/shrooms is a slang word for Psilocybe Semilanceata or liberty cap mushroom.

Cocaine: one the most commonly and widely used drug is Cocaine. It is a powerful stimulant with a temporary effect, which means it temporarily speeds up the way your mind and body works. It can make you feel on top of the world, very confident, alert and awake, but some people get arrogant, over-confident and end up taking very careless risks.

Marijuana: Marijuana (cannabis) provides a relaxing and emotive experience for the user, making it a common choice for festive goers who desire a deeper feeling of connection and intimacy with their surroundings and friends.

Whatever stats say there’s always a good number of people who want to stay sober and simply want to enjoy the vibe on their own high. Logically speaking it’s a single individual’s decision to enjoy music with or without drugs as they have become so common at EDM festivals.

Finally, we can end by saying drugs and music festivals go together like beer and cigarette and perhaps no place is as notorious for drugs as music festivals.

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