DJ Khaled still suffers from PTSD after being booed off stage at EDCLV 2017

It’s been about 3 years now since DJ Khaled got booed off stage at EDCLV. Since that fateful night DJ Khaled has been suffering from PTSD and has gone through treatment to face his new fears of stage fright. It’s common after a traumatic event like DJ Khaled went through to develop symptoms associated with PTSD. In his case he’s faced many sleepless nights due to nightmares and flashbacks that lead back to that hot summer night.

‘We the best music’ still ain’t feeling his best and little by little life for Mr.Khaled is becoming normal. When asked if he’ll ever do anything related to EDM he said “once was enough”. DJ Khaled complains that he can still hear the booing, but know it’s only his imagination.

Here’s a video from that night which gave DJ Khaled PTSD

David Guetta advised to use money made from the COVID-19 relief fundraiser for mixing classes

David Guetta has done a lot for great causes including his 2 live stream performances in Miami and NYC, which were to raise money to fight COVID 19. With good deeds you’d expect good karma, but recently David Guetta was told to use some of the funds raised for a few DJ lessons. The lessons in proper mixing would be the actual giving back to the community said an anonymous person who donated money during one of his live Stream performances.

Seems a few people who donated were in on the idea. This definitely took David Guetta by surprised. When asked if he was offended by it he had this to say, “I love my fans”. The French producer will do whatever it takes to keep his fan base intact and not lose any of it to his French rival Martin Garrix.

OnlyFans help EDM DJs by offering platform during tough times

Everyone including EDM´s greatest is feeling the lockdown in a financial way. OnlyFans best known for videos and images of young naked people has offered a safe space where DJ´s can charge a premium for pre recorded “live” sets. The CEO of OnlyFans, Timothy Stokely see’s this as a rebranding opportunity.

Since the sites launch in 2016, it’s become a very popular site just over the last year. With the major boost in popularity it’s also gained a reputation it doesn’t want, says CEO Timothy Stokely. “We don’t want to be known for being a premium must pay cock tease. We’ve sadly become another porn site and this was never the plan” said the CEO.

By bringing in well known talents, which would include EDM DJ’s with loyal fanbases OnlyFans will plan to rebrand off of this. Incentives for getting something like this started will include zero fees to these particular new accounts.

Microsoft media player visuals to blame for spike in psychedelic use during quarantine

Bill Gates apologizes and feels that the intense visuals from the media player is to blame for the recent spike in psychedelics being consumed by young adults. With nothing to do and everyone bored at home the use of LSD and other psychedelics have been slowly climbing during quarantine. At the same time Microsoft also reported a huge increase in downloads of their visualization. Microsoft has benefited from this and stocks for the company have gone up since this all started to happen. Bill Gates calls it a “blessing in disguise” and hopes that the newly added Microsoft ads on the media player continue to fulfill its duties of helping the company earn more money during this time of crisis.

Sunburn music festival in India breaks guinness world records for largest cock fest

A huge congrats to a music festival in India known as Sunburn for breaking the record for the largest cock fest anyone on earth has ever seen. What was first mistaken for as a gay pride gathering turned out to be an EDM festival where LED lights lit the night skies. On scene were the judges from Guinness World Records to witness the phenomenon and compare it to other large gatherings from the past where men were mostly present.

Without a doubt Sunburn won with no mercy in its heart and deemed the largest cock fest in the world. Awarded with an official certificate from Guinness, India definitely has bragging rights and a new title it holds proudly.

Music festivals to add porta potties designated for recreational drug use

It’s inconvenient when you’re in the porta potty trying to prep yourself for a day of festivities and someone comes knocking because they have to pee and you’re taking too long. Music festivals have been aware of the issue and have had the time to plan and make adjustments during this pandemic. Organizers from different music festivals across North America were able to get together and discuss a better way of separating those who need to do number 1 and 2 to those who are enhancing their festival experience.

Organizers agree that adding an extra 10 to 20 porta potties solely for recreational activities, which would be located next to a medic tent would be a great indicator to medical staff that someone’s going to be on a whole new level. With these new modified changes music festivals now encourage you to do as much recreational activity as you’d like in their new designated areas.

Tiesto’s baby girl who isn’t born yet will make the DJ Mag Top 100 list for 2020

Tiesto is out celebrating the news that his baby girl who’s not even born yet, earned a spot on the DJ Mag top 100 list. Tiesta (female for Tiesto) is predicted to join her father in the top 10. Tiesto’s comments on the situation claiming she’s the future of Trap music and how Trance is dead sure answers a lot of people’s questions as to why he had stepped away from being the old Tiesto we awfully miss. Still we’re happy for the big news and perhaps this maybe the beginnings of a shift in power.

SoundCloud to close all shitty accounts due to space shortage

If you’ve got a SoundCloud account and your friends consider it trash please read this! Day in and day out accounts are being made by aspiring musicians of all skill levels on SoundCloud . There has been more account signups than anticipated on SoundCloud and due to that they’ve started deleting accounts that are considered straight dog shit. Complaints of the site crashing and web pages not properly loading has caused SoundCloud to go on a purge.

How to find out if your account qualifies for the purge on SoundCloud? Get a group of your 10 best homies together and have them listen to the tracks on your SoundCloud account. Check for facial reactions and for that one occasional asshole who can’t keep mean comments to themselves. Once you’ve done all this than you’ll know.