Rhett Releases ‘Hollow Earth’ EP on Mau5trap

Rhett just released a 2-track EP on mau5trap, which features another fellow mau5trap recording artist, ATTLAS, entitled “Crater.”


“‘Hollow Earth’ has a different feel from my previous releases. I ventured in a slightly darker direction, while incorporating organic samples and sounds. As the tracks evolved, I began thinking of them as a soundtrack to Jules Verne’s “Journey to the Center of the Earth” and tried to bring the sense of exploration into the music,” said Rhett.


The Canadian producer challenges the typical mau5trap sound and brings an industrial, peak time techno vibe with intricate melodies and arpeggios. There’s 2 tracks on the album and it will be his third time releasing on the label.


“It was particularly satisfying to collaborate with my long-time friend ATTLAS on Crater. We’ve been using each other as sounding boards for music since University and it’s been rewarding to produce something together that reflects both our individual styles and tastes,” continued Rhett.

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