What Makes a World Class Raver

world class ravers

Everything within this article will tell you what you need to do to become a World Class Raver and can rave anywhere in the world. Raves are a place of enjoyment and wonder however they present physical and mental challenges at various levels. From Multi-day festivals, crowds, extreme heat to difficult terrain.

If you are the kind of person who subscribes to the “Go hard or go home” policy, then I commend you highly; however, one thing to note is those who go too hard and become a burden to their friends or the crowd. A world class raver will have the experience to go just as hard but know their limits to be safe and to help those around them.

The ability to go into any rave in any country and can adapt. I always find it helpful to do a little research on where you are going to party and find out about the scene from other ravers. It is always great to join Facebook groups and chat with people who are attending events with you. This will help you build a network.

International Experience
Traveling to experience a rave in another country is a must for all ravers looking to claim that “World Class Raver” tag. If you can say you have raved in at least 4-5 countries, then you will have earned that badge of honor.

Bringing Leadership
Leadership brings an important part of this tag. If you can gather a bunch of people from different backgrounds and blend them into a squad, then you really are a “World Class Raver”. A leader will be expected to give advice on anything from how to be safe, festival specifics, what sets to look out for and looking after those in the group who have partied a little too hard.

The ability to walk into a new rave experience and gain respect from your fellow ravers. If you are respectful to the culture and also, take the steps from above then you will quickly gain the respect of your fellow ravers regardless of country.

Knowledge and experience
The way to build this is through Eat, Sleep, RAVE, Repeat. The more festivals you go to, the more friends you make and the more you develop the knowledge then the more experience you get. It is then up to you to guide the future generations as a “World Class Raver” so just keep on raving 😀

Highland Raver

Author: Highland Raver

Highland is a raver with over 15 years of experience. In his day to day life, he owns a company where he works in Financial Crime. All this helps to fund his love and passion for music which has already seen him amass 18,000 miles in traveling (sometimes solo) to 5 different countries to experience major European and US festivals in 2016 alone. In doing so he has made international friends from all over the world and encourages them to join him to be part of his international experience. He was born in Scotland and will proudly wear his kilt to raves to show pride in his country and culture. He has passed on his knowledge and experience to those looking to come into the scene. In writing his blog he wants people to understand that everyone has an opinion and this is just his. His Current Top 5 DJs: Armin Van Buuren, Alex Morph, Above and Beyond, Eric Prydz and Vini Vici DJ to watch out for: Arkham Knights and Fisher and Hawkins

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