Elon Musk plans to be the first person to throw EDM festival on the Moon

Elon Musk seems to be pushing the envelope with another impossible mission, which involves successfully throwing one of the biggest EDM festivals ever on the moon. Elon Musk is definitely aware of the risks and costs, but calls it charity work. “It’s not like Uber or Lift has an option to get you to and from the moon” Elon jokingly said. He’s got a few rockets in the fleet ready for lunch which would be the sole transportation from earth to the moon and back. Elon laughs as he says he’ll do better than the EDCLV bus shuttles.

As for what it will cost attendees to attend a music festival of this magnitude is actually pretty simple. Those wanting the VIP experience have to simply buy a model 3 or Y Tesla vehicle. While those on a budget doing the GA simply have to follow Elon Musk on SoundCloud and like all his tracks (he’ll know when you unfollow so don’t be slick).

A lineup is currently in the works, but Elon Musk promises that only the best names in EDM will be on it and also says he plans close out the event with an hour long set wit the latest tracks he’s currently working on.

Pasquale Rotella claims that the virtual EDC lemonade will taste as fresh

There was reassurance that there will be enough virtual lemonade to go around for those tuning in for the virtual EDC weekend. Pasquale claims that the virtual lemonade won’t disappoint and says it may taste better than the original. “I myself tried it and it was amazing.” Said Pasquale. programmers have programmed 3 different flavors including strawberry, which seems to be the favorite around the Insomniac corporate office.

The lemonade will be free with free refills, but the downside sensors which are put around the mouth is the only way one can taste the virtual lemonade costs $5 and only good for one cup of lemonade. Each lemonade will require new oral sensors.

UMF coming along nicely for its postponed 2020 edition (check out the pictures)

Pushed to the first weekend in April, UMF in Miami seems to be coming together nicely in the middle of this COVID-19 madness. Construction has been underway for almost 2 weeks now and is almost complete as you can see from the images below.

Some changes to the lineup have been made and it seems that the only performances are from CoronaVirus, COVID-19, sore throat b2b with runny nose and a surprise appearance by fever.

I’m glad the organizers to this event decided to take the heat and keep on with the show.

Camp Bisco release stellar lineup

With a lot of news in the EDM world casting over the CoronaVirus we wanted to take a break from all that negativity and tell you guys that Camp Bisco released the lineup for its 2020 edition

Camp Bisco lineup

It’s a time where bass heads and fellow jam band fans get together and vibe out all weekend.

Tier 2 Early Bird Tickets and camping passes for Camp Bisco 2020 will be available starting March 6 at 12PM EST on their website

Beyond wonderland PNW releases festival lineup

After Parting ways with USC Events over controversy dealing with Paradiso Festival Insomniac Events came back with a plan B, which involved bringing back Beyond Wonderland to the PNW.

We are more than happy to announce that this will be the lineup for Beyond Wonderland PNW, which will be hosted at the Gorge Amphitheater for the first time.

Beyond wonderland PNW

Beyond Wonderland coming back to Washington State!

Seems there’s hope after all for the ravers in Washington state. What seemed to be over for the Gorge amphitheater has gained its miracle thanks to Insomniac Events.

During his “State of Insomniac” address, Pasquale Rotella had mention that it had been nearly a decade since the last Beyond Wonderland in the PNW, which took place in Seattle. His plans were to fill that void left at the Gorge caused by the pending lawsuit against USC Events who were the partners behind Paradiso Festival. Plan involved bringing back Beyond Wonderland To the Gorge Amphitheater this summer.

Ultra Music Festival releases Phase 3 & stage lineups for each day.

Ultra Music Festival teases us further with the release of phase 3 and the release of the lineup for each stage at UMF. Looking closer at the overall lineup it seems Ultra Music Festival in Miami has more surprises in stored for fans with a few blurred names showing on the festivals lineup. Like every year will have to sit and wait patiently and speculate in the meantime. Ul

Ultra music festival lineup

EDCLV Posts full lineup

There is no need to further speculate now that the EDCLV lineup is officially out for all to see. Who are you wanting to see the most on here? What’s your favorite day out of all 3 days? What stage will you be camping out at or are you one wander off?

EDCLV 2020 lineup

On another note stay safe fam and bring clothes for all weather occasions since the Nevada desert can be very unpredictable