Ultra Music Festival May get postponed

Things concerning the coronavírus are getting serious and Ultra Music festival in Miami may be the latest victim to all of this concerning the worldwide spread of the virus. Only a few weeks away till the festival kicks off and a lot to decide on as guests are already planning their arrival to Miami to get started with Miami Music Week in the coming week.

There’s no official word on suspending Ultra, but postponing it and having it at a later date is being considered heavily now. City officials and UMF owners are in talks to come up with a solution for all of this.

P.S. ULTRA has been cancelled for its 2020 edition!

Miami Mayor: Ultra Music Festival must update safety plan to prevent coronavirus outbreak

Ultra Music Festival is two weeks away, and as concern over the coronavirus grows, many aspects of how the festival and the City of Miami will prepare are still up in the air.

Ultra fans have been anticipating the festival’s return to Bayfront Park, and Miami Mayor Francis Suarez said they’re working with the festival to prevent a potential outbreak.

Suarez also said that Ultra comes with special challenges because it attracts people from over 100 countries around the world.

“We’re monitoring on a day-to-day basis right now,” Suarez said. “Right now, we don’t have any cases in the city or in the county, but what makes Ultra different, like I said, is that it is an event that brings people from across the world. I mean, according to their website, 105 countries.”

Ultra did not provide a comment on what they will do in regards to preventing the spread of the coronavirus, but Suarez said government officials at every level are taking steps to prevent people from high-risk areas from travelling to South Florida.

“The airport,  and with the federal government, are analyzing whether people can even travel from those countries, so irrespective of whether they have bought a ticket, irrespective of whether they have any infectious condition or not, they may not be allowed to travel from that country,” Suarez said.

“We have been preparing for this for approximately two months now,” City of Miami Fire Rescue Chief Joseph Zahralban said. “We have protocols in place. This is not the first emerging infectious disease that we have dealt with, and typically, what we do is modify those policies and procedures, so that they are adaptable to the specific virus.”

The festival is also required to update their safety plan, and it will be up to the city to decide if that is enough.

Suarez said, “In terms of our response at this point today, we are working with them. They have to update their safety plan, and based on that, if it’s to our satisfaction, we obviously have input as to whether or not we approve their updated life safety plan, and that’s something our fire department has done a magnificent job, I have to say. On getting ready for any potential outbreak, we’ll be analyzing it with their organizers.”

The mayor also added that the festival poses special challenges to city leaders.

“It’s particularly different because many of those mass aggregations, as opposed to say, for example, Miami Heat games, Wynwood or any other area where there is a mass aggregation of people, are specifically from people who are traveling to Miami, so there’s a lot of components that are involved,” Suarez said.

It remains unknown when the festival needs to present their updated safety plan, which city leaders will have the final say on.

Ultra is set to begin on Friday, March 20.

Original article: WSVN

“Fuser” the next Guitar Hero but for those who want the festival DJ experience

Fuser, a game that will turn one’s wishes into a reality. The creator of it all, Harmonix is one of the leading independent studios when it comes to capturing that brand of thrill, and is perhaps best known for cluttering apartments and basements everywhere with its highly successful Guitar Hero and Rock Band franchises.

Fuser will include more than 100 songs that players can mix in real time, grabbing the vocals from Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road,” and mashing it up with the guitar from The Clash’s “Rock the Casbah” and the bass line and drums from 50 Cent’s “In Da Club.” As you play, and take request from festival attendees, you can throw in a little “Stir Fry” by Migos and a drop from “Good As Hell” by Lizzo. 

check the trailer out below and tell us what to think.

The Chainsmokers have deleted every post on their IG, and this is all that’s left

Pretty sudden and random The Chainsmokers leave us on a cliff hanger like Dexter season 8 finale. What’s the next move? Does this mean a new album is on the way or maybe a new project or are they just quitting all together and moving on to something else? We won’t know for now but stay tuned.

It seems they have deleted everything on their Instagram page for now or at least archived previous posts.

Porter Robinson & Madeon’s hit “Shelter” has gone Gold

This great track that always brings a tear or 2 to my eye has gotten what it deserves and that’s going GOLD!

Shelter, which came out August 11, 2016 has had a lot of great success with it being certified Gold by the RIAA for reaching 500,000 sales or equivalent. As the people continue to stream and purchase the song the only hope for it is to become platinum (1,000,000 sales or equivalent).

Insomniac updates including EDCLV lineup dropping 2/20 & more

Pasquale Rotella has been busy with a lot of awesome things in store for us! He took to Instagram to share the excitement and announce that EDC Las Vegas lineup will be dropping on 2/20 at 6pm pt Night Owl Radio.

25 years of EDC

Pasquale also goes on to mention that 2021 will mark 25 years of the EDC Brand and to expect a year long celebration to commemorate the big milestone.

Nocturnal Wonderland

The music festival might be heading back to Glen Helen due to the number in attendance at the venue this past year which wasn’t so good. Pasquale Rotella will be putting a poll up on his IG to get a vote on what to do in this matter.

Insomniac Passport

The first year was a success and there will be some expansion coming to the program that will benefit members.

EDC Orlando

Last year the music festival was 3 days for the first time ever. Prices for the event did not increase and the goal is to continue on the same path with no major spike in price since EDCO attracted more attendees (75,000 people a day).

Beyond Wonderland Pacific Northwest

Its almost been a decade since the last Beyond Wonderland in Seattle, but a comeback is definitely in play For the PNW.

Nos Events Center

Expansions will be made to Beyond Wonderland SoCal. Expect other changes for other Insomniac events held there.

Other updates

Expect improvements to the wellness programs especially when it comes to mental health. Insomniac also looks to improve on being environmentally friendly and will be implementing changes at upcoming music events.

Check out Pasquale’s IG post below for more info

Meghan Trainor does an EDM version of Selena Gomez’s song “Lose You To Love Me”

Known for her big hit “It’s all about that bass” (no it’s not a dubstep track) Meghan Trainor goes full EDM on The Tonight Show. Jimmy Fallon challenges her to sing the lyrics to Selena Gomez´s song “Lose You To Love Me”

Check the video out below to see how she did.

After finishing the song she shouted, “Yo, I killed that!” and I have to agree, she absolutely did.

For reference to what the song really sounds like watch Selena’s version here

Elon Musk’s EDM track is in the top 10 on SoundCloud

Elon Musk’s EDM trackDon’t Doubt ur Vibe” has been streamed 2.6 million times in less than a week, coming in 8th place worldwide as of late Wednesday.

Elon Musk also added That he would be posting this to his LinkedIn For sure!

When Musk released the track on 31st of last month, Musk tweeted that he wrote the lyrics and performed the vocals to the track himself.

Grimes, who is dating Musk, shared a video of him rocking out to a track in the studio on her Instagram story. You can view it here

LA Riots sells everything to live life in a soundproof van

The tiny home craze is growing, but LA Riots takes this HGTV concept to a whole new level. Imagine just waking up one day and spontaneously saying “you know what I’m selling everything I own and down sizing 100x”. At the end of the day we hope nothing but the best for the Los Angeles based producer on his new chapter in life.

Elon Musk dropped an EDM banger on SoundCloud

New music releases are nothing out of the norm, but this unlikely person by the name of Elon Musk who’s the Tesla and SpaceX CEO decided to upload a track on SoundCloud. Earlier this week he claimed to have written a song called “Don’t Doubt ur Vibe,” to be released on Emo G Records and at first it seemed to be trolling, but turns out Elon was super serious.

Check Elon’s new track below: