EDCLV – That one time I dropped 2 tabs


Many of us go the extra mile and like to take what I call “mood enhancers” when attending music events. I’m not here to say drugs are bad, but I’m also not here saying you should… just do you boo boo.

EDCLV 2015 was one to remember especially night #2…. before going any further I’ve done acid a few times, but never at a music festival among 100k other people….. with that said you can see where this is headed.

The adventure begins

I’m on the shuttle headed to EDC with my friend and a girl who’s now my wife/baby mama. My friend and I take our first tab and everything is great and I’m just there all smiles and pumped while everyone around me pregamed. An hour passes I’m not feeling jack so I decide to take another one. As we get off the shuttle I’m starting to feel the effects as we’re in the security line waiting to get in.

We’re in and the tabs are tag teaming me…. at this point all I could do was pretend to act normal. It was right after Flume into Pretty Lights when I split from my friend and headed off on an adventure with my now wife/baby mama. At the time this was the first time meeting her in person (we had a FaceTime relationship for months before meeting up in LV for EDC).

Another hour passes and I’m fully tripping. It ain’t even midnight yet and the LSD is kicking my butt royally. Walking in that intensely packed crowd wasn’t fun and all I could try doing was avoiding eye contact because people looked as if they had benjamin button. Being that it was the first time with my lady friend there was no hope in saving myself from a bad trip and no way of her pulling me out. She’s never tripped and basically compared it to being drunk (I wish it was that easy). At this point we’re on different levels and I’m just trying my best to enjoy the night all while pretending I’m handling things like a champ.

I finally grabbed a hold of myself while at the basspod stage and was able to focus it all on Excision. The wave slowly starts to return and everything around me started to seem weird again. This trip intensified and all I could think about was leaving. At this point I’d lost all sense of direction and felt stupidly confused. My lady friend being mad that we were going to miss Dash Berlin helped get us back to the shuttles and on our way to the hotel…. That walk to the shuttle was not fun and felt like a Spongebob episode. The 1 hour ride in the dark back was what I needed to feel better and get my mind back together.

Since then I’ve learned a lot and to never underestimate what I take.