EDCLV will only let you enter with hazmat suits unless you’re a wook

EDCLV will not cancel

The CDC reached out to the insomniac team after closing most of Vegas off and offered a solution by allowing ravers to only attend EDCLV if they were to only wear hazmat suits and camp on festival grounds. The CDC also went on to mention that no such act as eating ass should be allowed due to the fear that the virus may further spread. Pasquale also went on to mention that “El Pulpo” will be shooting out hand sanitizing liquids to keep the germs from spreading.

Pasquale reminded us that this may not apply to the wook community and that this is more of a choice since they’re immune to about everything out there. As he went on to finish he quickly added “they have their ketamine to protect themselves”.

The CDC urges Kandi ravers to wear their hand made masks and to avoid trading and showing PLUR traditions to avoid constant human contact. Pasquale seems pretty confident and feels this edition of EDCLV will go as planned regardless of what’s going on worldwide.