Kygo concerned over warmer climate in Norway; blames tropical house career


From tropical shirts to hits like ‘Firestone’, Kygo has put himself along with Norway on the map when it comes to the tropical house genre. Norway well known for its overwhelming list of top EDM producers is proud to claim another title under its “EDM belt”. Kygo on the other hand has felt a bit concerned lately due to the change in weather in Norway. What first felt like a coincidence has now turned into a suspicion.

Kygo claims his music influences the weather and claims temperatures in the usually cold country have been above average for most of the year. Due to the fear of being blamed for global warming and pissing off activists Kygo has been planning on changing his style and adopting a more progressive sound. The change will at least be temporary while things in Norway go back to normal.

As for tropical house, Kygo claims that future tracks made will be done else where…. preferably a tropical climate.