Mosh pit caused 1st death in drive in rave history

Mosh pit at drive in rave

There’s that saying “there’s a first for everything”.Just last weekend in Germany a drive in rave reported its first casualty. Event organizers seem to be blaming the DJ especially after the DJ decided to play a classic EDM banger called ‘prison riot’, which caused attendees to go nuts forming a circle to close off the pit. Witnesses reported a much smaller car jumping in and getting t-boned within the first five seconds by a pickup. The impact of the crash was enough to stop the DJ mid set. The DJ pissed for being rudely interrupted asked the parties involved to exit their vehicles and apologize. When the attendee in the small car did not come out, EMT’s went to check and that is when the discovery was made. The driver was not responsive.

Organizers are working with police in this investigation to make sure there was no foul play involved. The cause of death is still yet to be determined, but the medical examiners office believe the death is linked to the Coronavirus.

To hear the banger that caused this unfortunate turn of events check the video below: