Music festivals to add porta potties designated for recreational drug use

Music festival porta potty

It’s inconvenient when you’re in the porta potty trying to prep yourself for a day of festivities and someone comes knocking because they have to pee and you’re taking too long. Music festivals have been aware of the issue and have had the time to plan and make adjustments during this pandemic. Organizers from different music festivals across North America were able to get together and discuss a better way of separating those who need to do number 1 and 2 to those who are enhancing their festival experience.

Organizers agree that adding an extra 10 to 20 porta potties solely for recreational activities, which would be located next to a medic tent would be a great indicator to medical staff that someone’s going to be on a whole new level. With these new modified changes music festivals now encourage you to do as much recreational activity as you’d like in their new designated areas.