New edible glitter allows you to fart rainbows & have farts glow in the dark

Glitter eating

The perfect product is finally here brought to you by the company ‘Unicorn Farts’! The edible glitter, which allows you to fart rainbows is now a real thing. Tests have been conducted and the product through a number of testing is now FDA approved and safe to consume. You may feel a slight constipation, but that’s normal.

The company mainly focuses on making edible glitter for gay pride parades and raves since that’s mainly the only time adults are willingly going to ingest glitter by the gallon. ‘Unicorn Farts’ came up with a glow in the dark edition for ravers, which will allow you to see neon color fart fumes… pretty cool, right? Between the rainbow and glow in the dark, farts can be seen spread as far as 25 feet from the pair of butt cheeks that let loose. Imagine losing your friends in a crowd and just texting them to fart and all you’d have to do is follow a glow or a rainbow.

‘Unicorn Farts’ believe this product will be a home run and loved amount young adults, but they also encourage all age groups to buy and fart in unity.