The Faces of EDM

Riddim….. it’s said to be a sub genre of dubstep, but anyone deep into dubstep seems to hate it. Before I go any further let’s not get confused with the Jamaican Riddim, which shares the same name and has given little influence to this newer version white kids are going crazy over. The behavior of
It’s been about 3 years now since DJ Khaled got booed off stage at EDCLV. Since that fateful night DJ Khaled has been suffering from PTSD and has gone through treatment to face his new fears of stage fright. It’s common after a traumatic event like DJ Khaled went through to develop symptoms associated with
Seems there’s hope after all for the ravers in Washington state. What seemed to be over for the Gorge amphitheater has gained its miracle thanks to Insomniac Events. During his “State of Insomniac” address, Pasquale Rotella had mention that it had been nearly a decade since the last Beyond Wonderland in the PNW, which took
Not going to lie, but all of these tracks bring me back to some point in my life. Skrillex has definitely put his own twist into dubstep and EDM in general and has become one of the top DJ´s this scene has ever witness. These are believed to be some of the best Skrillex songs
The CDC reached out to the insomniac team after closing most of Vegas off and offered a solution by allowing ravers to only attend EDCLV if they were to only wear hazmat suits and camp on festival grounds. The CDC also went on to mention that no such act as eating ass should be allowed
With festival season cancelled and nightclubs through out the country shutdown its been hard for Steve Aoki who is use to throwing cakes on a daily and nightly basis. In the past year alone Steve threw over 800 cakes at crowds. A pastry chef commented that his business is hurting and hopes for Steve Aoki
EDCLV has been cancelled…….. Just kidding…. but let’s pray to the rave gods that this doesn’t really happen!
If you’ve got a SoundCloud account and your friends consider it trash please read this! Day in and day out accounts are being made by aspiring musicians of all skill levels on SoundCloud . There has been more account signups than anticipated on SoundCloud and due to that they’ve started deleting accounts that are considered
Pretty sudden and random The Chainsmokers leave us on a cliff hanger like Dexter season 8 finale. What’s the next move? Does this mean a new album is on the way or maybe a new project or are they just quitting all together and moving on to something else? We won’t know for now but
Sunset Music Festival releases phase 1 of their 2020 edition. One of the most underrated festivals that brings it every year to the Tampa area already displaying some heavy hitters in phase 1. Known for its dubstep and trap it seems techno and house DJ’s are definitely making a space of their own in Sunset