The Faces of EDM

It’s happening, Armin Van Buuren is getting the respect he deserves! After a month of protests and removal of confederate statues throughout the United States there seems to be news that statues of Armin have been appearing. The trance community has expressed their deepest gratitude and wish the founder of ASOT more success in life.
Year after year the complaints roll in from festival attendees about how delayed shuttles are and how the whole EDC Las Vegas shuttle system sucks.This year turned out totally different with all three days totaling to zero complaints. Those who help Pasquale Rotella organize never look forward to the grueling task that comes with shuttles
The layout is better than ever and there’s a lot to offer! From music to camping to all other activities with your rave squad. Okeechobee is making a comeback after its disappointment last year where there was no festival and many thought it was the end of an era.
Getter hit a few rough patches and wasn’t himself, but as of lately he came out with a commitment that meant he would make music for himself and get back to when things were good for the super star. With the release of “Represent” I ‘like tell you one thing…. he’s found his way back
It’s looking ugly for the Las Vegas strip as it seems the unemployment rate spiked up overnight with the city’s bunch of annoying club promoters stuck at home with nothing to promote, but virtual raves and live streams. The strip, known for its foot traffic of sex workers and over promising club promoters seems to
Donald Trump is at it again with his demand for Mexico to pay for the border wall, but there seems to be a twist! Trump wants to install LED along the border in hopes of uniting the two neighboring nations by throwing a mega rave. This act is only to help ease tensions caused through
Excision real name Jeff is known for his crazy bass heavy hits along with his visual production. I’ve been to a few of his shows and have been blown away by the level of production Jeff puts in. Wanting to try something new that has never been done before Excision and his team are trading
Cops throughout the US are doing everything in their power to prove their loyalty to the American public. Currently cops have a promotion going on that allows those unsure of their drugs who don’t own test kits to come in to local police stations to have proper testing done by the authorities. By doing this
We’ve been given an ultimatum, that in my opinion is worth taking if we want to rave anytime soon. The CDC have done their part by telling festival organizers to inform ravers that being PLUR is a no go. No mid roll hugging your homie because you’re on a good one and no trading Kandi
It’s situations like this that make us lucky to have a 2nd round of the Corona hit and keep us isolated indoors. This past weekend in Sacramento, CA a few residents decided to throw an illegal outdoor music festival that became massive rather quickly. Seemed everyone was there to support the local EDM talent and