Alan Walker always had his mask in case of a pandemic

Alan Walker finally reveals the truth behind his face mask and why it’s a big part of his wardrobe. Staying healthy while on the road is a major challenge that him and a lot of producers face. Wearing his face mask which makes him look cool and also helps contribute to maintaining good health has proven more than enough.“I just want to keep doing what I love and not get sick while doing it” said Alan Walker. Alan also knows that not being a wook has it’s consequences, which means not having immunity to the common festival flu.

“There’s always a possibility of the festival flu turning into something big that could be considered a pandemic level size event” said Alan Walker. Hoping his big influence in the EDM scene would be enough to help those understand the importance of wearing a mask, especially if we want to go back to the way it was and calling drive in raves a temporary bandaid.

Currently on his website you’ll be able to buy masks and make him even richer while he helps the fight against the Coronavirus.