OnlyFans help EDM DJs by offering platform during tough times

Everyone including EDM´s greatest is feeling the lockdown in a financial way. OnlyFans best known for videos and images of young naked people has offered a safe space where DJ´s can charge a premium for pre recorded “live” sets. The CEO of OnlyFans, Timothy Stokely see’s this as a rebranding opportunity.

Since the sites launch in 2016, it’s become a very popular site just over the last year. With the major boost in popularity it’s also gained a reputation it doesn’t want, says CEO Timothy Stokely. “We don’t want to be known for being a premium must pay cock tease. We’ve sadly become another porn site and this was never the plan” said the CEO.

By bringing in well known talents, which would include EDM DJ’s with loyal fanbases OnlyFans will plan to rebrand off of this. Incentives for getting something like this started will include zero fees to these particular new accounts.