Trump announces EDM tour in hopes of connecting with more Millennials

Trump is taking a much different approach for his campaign strategy in 2020. It appears he didn’t capture many young voters in 2016 and it almost cost him the White House . Trump wants to avoid the possibility of losing out on young voters and has been taking private DJ lessons. It’s reported that Skrillex is the man helping Trump out and showing him how to drop the bass, which is essential considering young people love dubstep.

Skrillex claims Trump is his protege and will take the thrown once his political career is over. “The dubstep scene needs a guy like Donald Trump… A much older character in the scene who really drops filth. We’ve never had that” said Skrillex. In the meantime Donald Trump hopes that all he’s learned from Skrillex can benefit him for another successful run at the White House.

At upcoming rally’s Trump claims that he’s going to mix some of Skrillex’s best tracks from the 2010-2012 era and hopes that the nostalgia feels win the hearts of potential votes for him. He named a few tracks and I myself got a little nervous about this advantage he now holds.