EDM has peaked! Plot twist… you’re actually getting old

Seems every week someone is making a claim that EDM has peaked. You’ve most likely clicked on this because you probably feel it has, but the real situation here is that you’re no longer in your early twenties and the crowd that seems to never age along with the new artists totally kill your vibe. At this point of the article I may have pissed off 75% of readers.

I’ve come to point out that EDM hasn’t officially reached its peak nor is the bubble popping like some claim. The scene has always been there, but decided to go mainstream in 2006 or so and I’m sure those in that era claimed that it peaked then. 2009-2013 were the golden years for EDM especially from a global market standpoint, which brought new opportunities and growth. My opinion, we’re maintaining everything from the last 15 years and gradually adding to the EDM success pot.

For some this may all be a phase in life and eventually grow out of it while others will stay and complain about the good old days and how the scene ain’t the same and it has totally peaked.