Las Vegas unemployment rate spikes up 75% as club promoters are out of work

It’s looking ugly for the Las Vegas strip as it seems the unemployment rate spiked up overnight with the city’s bunch of annoying club promoters stuck at home with nothing to promote, but virtual raves and live streams. The strip, known for its foot traffic of sex workers and over promising club promoters seems to be a total ghost town. Some club promoters though are taking this situation and seeing a benefit to it.

Eduardo a club promoter for Hakkaasan in MGM Grand told us that he sold everything in his home , but the couches and mattresses. He shares the home with his mom who was currently in a hospital bed being treated for the Corona. Eduardo took advantage of the opportunity while his mom was away to bring the club life home. “ I still gotta get paid bro… bringing the bottles for the VIP areas I made throughout the crib. It gets lit here especially during virtual rave parties I throw”. We hope for Eduardo’s mom to recover, but not too quick since there are more money making opportunities (I mean) virtual rave parties to throw.