High dosage of MDMA proven not lethal if ingested through the anus

Scientists in a lab in Colorado made a ground breaking discovery when they found out that high dosages of MDMA ( 250 mg every hour) ingested through the anus caused no danger toward human health, but the same could not be said if one were to take it by mouth. I got to read the test reports and also got to speak to one of the test subjects whós name cańt be released for scientific purposes.

The subject explained that after anal contractions felt from boofing came an instant release of euphoria that one could only hope for. The high over all is amazing and long lasting with a very clean come down. The subject compared the experience to being in a porno with your favorite actress. The testing was 2 hours with a dose an hour which equaled to 500 mg which is like popping over 2 orange Tesla’s in the same time frame.

Doctors at the facility where tests are being conducted went on to explain that the glands in the rectum do all the hard work and while the MDMA gets absorbed into the body from the rectum many of the toxins are left to be pooped out and that the rectum no matter the amount boofed has a way of slowly absorbing for a better long lasting high.

The study seems to be finalizing with a sure result that boofing MDMA is the safe way to go and the team plans to make that announcement very soon.