Orgy in music festival crowd mistaken for Asian train

It’s situations like this that make us lucky to have a 2nd round of the Corona hit and keep us isolated indoors. This past weekend in Sacramento, CA a few residents decided to throw an illegal outdoor music festival that became massive rather quickly. Seemed everyone was there to support the local EDM talent and to enjoy the breath of fresh air with no law enforcement in sight. Those who organized the spontaneous event didn’t think it would be everyone’s go to plan, but with the news spreading on social media that changed. The outdoor space was tight, but manageable.

Pushes came to shoves, but being in Cali no one batted an eye and assumed it was the good old Asian train at work. It took one attendee to slip and fall on semen to then quickly realize that the Asian train was no Asian train, but a massive orgy. At this point the illegal music festival had to stop due to the fear of the coronavirus spreading. Organizers didn’t see this coming and feel that they’d be blamed if the city of Sacramento saw a spike in cases due to this past weekends event.

The Organizers are urging those who partook or witnessed the orgy to get tested for the COVID. These gentlemen would love to throw another event soon, but safety is a major priority.

Social distancing music festival that will bring a record breaking crowd planned by festival organizers

Live stream performances have kept us sane, but DJ’s have had enough and are now planning a music festival with social distancing in mind. Since the lockdown, DJ’s are forced to perform for free on live streams like circus monkeys to keep fans happy while some like Bassnectar, still can’t figure out how to price gouge and charge for live stream performances. Meanwhile DJ’s are jumping on an idea that started as a rumor. Organizers are hard at work on this music festival idea and are predicting a crowd size of 150k – 200k people a day for this 3 day event. Tickets will go on sale for a low price of $1000 and attendees will receive masks, Lysol spray and tasers to ensure 6ft of distancing is place. The event will take place in Atlanta which is perfect timing since the state of Georgia is opening back up for business.