Pasquale Rotella claims that the virtual EDC lemonade will taste as fresh

There was reassurance that there will be enough virtual lemonade to go around for those tuning in for the virtual EDC weekend. Pasquale claims that the virtual lemonade won’t disappoint and says it may taste better than the original. “I myself tried it and it was amazing.” Said Pasquale. programmers have programmed 3 different flavors including strawberry, which seems to be the favorite around the Insomniac corporate office.

The lemonade will be free with free refills, but the downside sensors which are put around the mouth is the only way one can taste the virtual lemonade costs $5 and only good for one cup of lemonade. Each lemonade will require new oral sensors.

EDCLV will only let you enter with hazmat suits unless you’re a wook

The CDC reached out to the insomniac team after closing most of Vegas off and offered a solution by allowing ravers to only attend EDCLV if they were to only wear hazmat suits and camp on festival grounds. The CDC also went on to mention that no such act as eating ass should be allowed due to the fear that the virus may further spread. Pasquale also went on to mention that “El Pulpo” will be shooting out hand sanitizing liquids to keep the germs from spreading.

Pasquale reminded us that this may not apply to the wook community and that this is more of a choice since they’re immune to about everything out there. As he went on to finish he quickly added “they have their ketamine to protect themselves”.

The CDC urges Kandi ravers to wear their hand made masks and to avoid trading and showing PLUR traditions to avoid constant human contact. Pasquale seems pretty confident and feels this edition of EDCLV will go as planned regardless of what’s going on worldwide.

Insomniac updates including EDCLV lineup dropping 2/20 & more

Pasquale Rotella has been busy with a lot of awesome things in store for us! He took to Instagram to share the excitement and announce that EDC Las Vegas lineup will be dropping on 2/20 at 6pm pt Night Owl Radio.

25 years of EDC

Pasquale also goes on to mention that 2021 will mark 25 years of the EDC Brand and to expect a year long celebration to commemorate the big milestone.

Nocturnal Wonderland

The music festival might be heading back to Glen Helen due to the number in attendance at the venue this past year which wasn’t so good. Pasquale Rotella will be putting a poll up on his IG to get a vote on what to do in this matter.

Insomniac Passport

The first year was a success and there will be some expansion coming to the program that will benefit members.

EDC Orlando

Last year the music festival was 3 days for the first time ever. Prices for the event did not increase and the goal is to continue on the same path with no major spike in price since EDCO attracted more attendees (75,000 people a day).

Beyond Wonderland Pacific Northwest

Its almost been a decade since the last Beyond Wonderland in Seattle, but a comeback is definitely in play For the PNW.

Nos Events Center

Expansions will be made to Beyond Wonderland SoCal. Expect other changes for other Insomniac events held there.

Other updates

Expect improvements to the wellness programs especially when it comes to mental health. Insomniac also looks to improve on being environmentally friendly and will be implementing changes at upcoming music events.

Check out Pasquale’s IG post below for more info

EDCLV will be expanding its grounds on the speedway

In an Instagram post founder and CEO Pasquale Rotella announced that EDCLV would be expanding and using the entire speedway. EDC known for its amazing stage designs and art has been working on expanding the festival grounds for the 2020 edition by removing the RV hookups. Pasquale Rotella claims that removing these hookups were a priority since moving in back in 2011.

what does this expansion mean? An increase in space for neonGARDEN and quantumVALLEY, and more space around pixelFOREST.

This is what he posted on Instagram:

“Posing with my #EDCLV arch nemesis: the RV hookup! 🥴💩🚫There are hundreds of these suckers sticking up everywhere in the worst spots at the Speedway, making those areas unusable. I’ve wanted to get rid of them since we moved EDC to Vegas 10 years ago! Well…they’re FINALLY getting taken out, and for the first time ever we’ll be using the ENTIRE Speedway for EDC Las Vegas 2020. That means more dancing room at neonGARDEN, quantumVALLEY, more space around pixelFOREST, and better Raver Feng Shui overall! 😎🤗 And speaking of hookups, State of Insomniac update coming Monday. Stay tuned! 📸 @shaneoneal