Study: Riddim proven to lower IQ

Riddim….. it’s said to be a sub genre of dubstep, but anyone deep into dubstep seems to hate it. Before I go any further let’s not get confused with the Jamaican Riddim, which shares the same name and has given little influence to this newer version white kids are going crazy over. The behavior of those who really like Riddim has attracted the attention of medical professionals from all over the world curious to know more about Riddim lovers and why they’re less fortunate.

A psychologist in Russia has been running a study that has to do with sound waves and bpm and how the brain processes different variation of sounds. EDM was used through out testing on a few volunteers. The psychologist who is named Dr. Roxana allowed volunteers to pick the sub genre within the EDM category and ran 5 tasks for each.

She quickly noticed that the volunteer who chose to hear Riddim through out the 5 different tasks which included writing down names of closest family members did not perform well. She explained that the volunteer sat there silently while drooling and appeared to go back to normal once the music was paused. The other volunteers performed rather well and showed no signs of any negative brain activity… while the Riddim listener seemed to have fallen back from reality and in the medical world would be considered clinically brain dead.

Dr. Roxana is concerned and said that there is long term damage due to listening to Riddim. She goes on to mention that Riddim fans have a better chance at staring right into the sun with their bare eyes and avoiding any sort of self harm, but listening to Riddim would be like a gunshot to the head at point blank range.