Steve Aoki is having a hard time not being able to throw cake at people

With festival season cancelled and nightclubs through out the country shutdown its been hard for Steve Aoki who is use to throwing cakes on a daily and nightly basis. In the past year alone Steve threw over 800 cakes at crowds. A pastry chef commented that his business is hurting and hopes for Steve Aoki to tour again… “We value Steve Aoki’s business and he’s the reason our doors stay open” the pastry chef said as he was fighting back tears.

For now Steve Aoki only hopes for life to get back to normal so that he can play his pre-recorded sets while throwing cake at people’s faces. He’s currently working on set for a livestream that he’s planning to broadcast on Facebook. When asked if there’s going to be cake involved he replied “you know the amount of clean up that’s going to take” .